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Escort/ Convoy scenarios

  • Are there any Convoy escorts scenarios for the land units of AAM. I’ve seen them for War at Sea, but I wondered if anyone made these for the land and played them.

  • Now that I’ve got some NA transport trucks I’m excited to try a convoy situation with the land units.  There is always a reason to get some supplies or troops somewhere (like the other end of the map).  Maybe a light para company has jumped into to disrupt a rear echelon.

  • use n.africa trucks for somthing like the red ball express. You could do a battle with montebourg. OBJECTIVE: keep atleast 1 truck alive and to the other map

  • also use jeeps,fo jeeps and many halftracks (universal carriers etc.) depending on who is delivering

  • wow nothing sinse December

  • When i play convoy i use 200 pts of transport units, infanty and light tanks for convoy and 100 pts of enemy armor/infantry to stop the convoy. Objective is to get at least 100 pts worth of convoy off the other side of the map and the other player has to stop you. It is very hard for the player playing the convoy but i’ve gotten it through a couple times and it is very fun. Play it and tell me what you think!

  • yeah these sorts of scenarios sound good. I’ve only recently gotten into AAM, and i’d like to start writing up some scenarios for use with my friends. btw, does anyone now of AAM comps/tourn/meetings in australia? please?? anyone???

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