• I am a new player to A&A, what can make the learning exp. easyer?

  • What side do you like to play as?

  • Are you playing on the computer(CD) or a real person on the board game?
    Find a friend . . . you take Axis . . . he takes Allies(or the reverse and prepare to do what you can to counter these moves).
    Since you control 2 countries try a coordinated attack effort on the USSR.
    Germany will have to defend against two nearby attackers(needs lots of infanty(INF)nothing but INF the first three turns, then maybe a tank(ARM) or fighter(FTR)with INF each turn, don’t leave planes or tanks vulnerable, hit the UK fleet with your Air force/subs[mass them to win quick with little to no loss as planes are important later on defense], invade Africa with a few more infantry). Japan has room to see the US coming(build 2 trans 3 infantry the first turn[build 1 moretran each turn to move infantry to Manchuria, when you have more trans than you need pick up some INF from islands, If US wants them while you take 2-3 IPC territories, GREAT!],hit China to stop the US FTR from hitting your ships or getting away, hit us navy in Hawaii[don’t take hawaii], move transports(TRN)to Japan sea zone(sz)[PHI sz TRN should bring 2 INF to Manchuria], if US builds in Pacific it reduces the attack on Germany on Germany .
    Try a game and have some fun. Then read the rules(or don’t, like most people who want to play quickly but poorly 😄 )thoroughly and talk about what you might try differently next time.
    Then switch sides and try another game. 😛
    Enough, already!
    “One who speaks deferentially but increases his preparations will advance; one who speaks belligerently and advances hastily will retreat.” - Sun-tzu, The Art of War

    Have some more fun! - Xi

  • and remember, nobody f*cks with the jesus!

  • I dunno. I’ve heard some rumors. 😛
    I am not omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent. - Xi

  • this innocent, appropriate thread has REALLY degenerated.
    maybe a little smidgen of decorum please?

  • 😮 Uh-oh, you got CC upset! But seriously, I’ll try to help out any way I can. Until then, The Ecological Axis of Evil Strikes! Bahahaha…

  • I know the rulebook stresses that AXIS players must play aggressively from the start to win, but Germany will exhaust itself against Russia quickly if you go all out.

    Against Russia, play a defense in depth. They’re certain to take Ukraine the first move (you’ll really miss that fighter!). Pull back, leaving only one infantry in Eastern Europe, so Russkie armor can’t blitz. Don’t worry - you’ll retake EE on G2. Size the attack so you leave the least number of units in EE - this is a strategy of using territory as a buffer zone. Who controls EE and Ukrane will seesaw back and forth for several turns. The most important thing to remember is to hold the Allies at bay on the eastern front at the cheapest cost to you.

    Don’t waste time saving Norway. The Russian sub and transport are going to take out your Baltic fleet on the first turn anyway, so you can’t reinforce them. And all 3 Allies pose a threat to Norway. They’re gonna take it. Just get your fighter out of there.

    Totally take out the British fleet on G1 (German first turn), except for the Suez sub and the Indian transport.

  • if your japan cocentrate on the main land espeshaly russia!

  • attack! 🙂

    i remember i would go all out defend when i just started playing. It’s the biggest mistake you can make. Defend where it seems fit, attack weak territories to gain IPC’s. As Germany for example you can defend Eastern Europe with a great number of infantry and a few fighters. Your eastern front is now safe. Any troops you have left can now be used to attack british properties in africa, these territories are usually weak and they can supply you with the Income to make a serious threat to russia.

    The major advantage about attacking is that you decide what forces are involved, which means you can move your troops in such a way that the outcome of the battle will be in your favour. Make multiple attacks and your advantage will be even greater. This goes for both axis and allies. It also makes a much more interesting gameplay (in a few games you will learn when it might be better not to attack or not to defend).

    Visit Axis and Allies websites with basic strategies, they will enhance your gameplay greatly. (Thinking up original strategies yourself takes quite some time and games, therefor its easier to copy them from some else first ;-))

    Play other people as often as you can.
    Don’t waste expensive units, always be sure to back them up with sufficient infantry units.

  • i’m sure you could prolly find a PBEM player here.

  • When starting out, have some real fun and kick but. Once your more familiar with the rules and motions, and get some experience in, then you can worry about in depth stategies. First off, enjoy…

  • yes, enjoy, get bored , make up an expansion 😄

  • im a pessemist so i believe that the book is right. if BOTH axis dont attack en masse then yeah the steam will run out quickly. but if they do then enough pressure will be put on the soviet union that it will collapse while holding the allies in the north sea, yeah it takes a bit once they get a carrier though. if the allies r allied to gain a stronghold out of the north sea the allies r pretty much already gone, the axis need that strong first turn against the soviets to take those much needed ipcs away from the soviet effort. wehrmacht u can argue this point if u want but yeah the axis cant afford to defend thanks to the differences in ipcs between both the axis and allies

  • No argument, Don. One of the other guys pointed out to me that mostly what’s talked here is Russia restricted - makes all the difference in the world! I’ve been coming from Russia strikes first, Germs cope as best they can, and it’s all up to the Japs. I will sin no more!

    Newbies! Don’t lissen to any more advice from ol’ wehrmacht! That’s a rule iThink… page 16 or something…

  • As well Wehrmacht, i woul dnever go for the ukraine as Russia in turn 1. Whoever holds EE has the initiave in the war, so that’s where i would do the battle… and it would become a 1-2-3 punch in few rounds…

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