Deployed soldiers and Marines paying taxes?

  • My dad recently petitioned the house of reps in Connecticut to make deployed military personnel exempt from paying taxes on their vehicles. As of now, I have had to pay the taxes on my car which is sitting in the driveway of my parents house doing nothing.

    Any thoughts on this? Does this tax exist in other states? I know some of our military fellows will like this bill.

  • i always thought millitary and other government employeis should be tax exempt from income (wish that would go away all together) tax on a federal lvl as it makes no sence to collect tax’s from people just to pay them.
    as for the car tax thing, i think if done right it’s a good idea as a lot of guys are deployed for around a full year at a time they should not have to pay tax’s for that time as in effect it’s much like paying tax’s 2 times for one thing. now if your making payments on the car then tax’s associated to that should still apply IMO.
    edit: also if some one is still using the car or can use the car. some kind of system to make the car undrivable well gone is the only way to make it work, like handing in your plates to get the tax exemption. other wise guys/gals will just say it’s parked and still have boyfriend/girlfriend/friend drive it.

  • Not sure what the taxes are exactly, but you should sell it now and use that money to buy something when you get back.

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    I am guessing your talking about registration, it’s free while your deployed from AZ.  They also just passed a law that National guard soldiers in AZ don’t have to pay state tax on military income at all.

    I sold my car prior to deployment.  As I’m sure your aware you can buy a new one discounted with no sales tax where you are now.

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    No idea how car sales taxes work for soldiers in a war zone in most of the country.  It’s a state’s issue, not a federal’s issue.  However, most of a soldier’s pay is tax exempt at both state and federal level while deployed in a war zone. (Generally speaking, states never collect taxes on soldier pay anyway, they are not stationed in their home state much of the time, thus, it is income generated in a foreign state and exempt from home state income taxes.  Top that off with most bases located in states that do not charge income taxes on soldier pay, and you can see why most states get no soldier income taxes.)

    But I agree, soldiers should be 100% proof against taxes.  I’d even say they should be able to keep their sales receipts and get reimbursed all those taxes as well.  It’s not like we are making privates into millionaires, heck, most soldiers earn less then those who live in cardboard boxes and panhandle all day! (It’s not even an exaggeration of the truth, but it’d be close to find out which one actually makes more money.)

    Then again, I’m biased.  I know what a private is paid, I’ve been there.  You are not exactly running out and buying an 800 square foot residence, let alone a Ferrari! heh.

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    If you buy a car at a PX in Iraq, Germany, etc. there’s no sales tax.

  • I believe he was referring to the annual Personal Property Tax that many states have on cars (they tax the value of a car based on its value just like they do houses).

  • Exactly Switch. And since I have a nice new Subaru Impreza, the tax is considerable.

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    Our registration is based on vehicle value.  I supose it could be called a vehicle property tax, but they call it registration.  At any rate, it’s free when your deployed.

  • NC has both a fixed registration fee each year, and an annual property tax on cars (and boats, RV’s, anything with wheels…)

  • Well, in Connecticut, there is a tax on everything save breathing, even technically there is one for that if you are breathing nicotine. Representative Wilbur, however, is a decent fellow ( I worked on his farm for a time) and he will do all in his power to pass the bill exempting deployed soldiers from vehicle taxes.

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