• Hi all. Here’s my question.

    In the Holy Rule Book I read that, in land combat air units and ranged sea units can attack enemy land units OR airfields, whereas my land units can attack enemy land units AND airfields. This means that land units can fight TWICE in a round (once against land units and then against enemy airfield)? In this case, must I resolve land combat BEFORE the attack against the airfield or are these attacks simoultaneous?

    Thank you.

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    You’re taking the lack of the ability to choose between attacking land units and airfields to mean that land units can attack both.  Actually, a choice isn’t allowed because land units can’t attack airfields at all, so this isn’t a problem.

  • Ok Krieghund, thank you, thank you very much.

    Yesterday I played my first game with AAG, that’s very funny! I already love this game!

    Nobody bombed any enemy airfield, just an US single battleship on Bougainville that didn’t score any damage. I was Japan, and in the end the game was a draw (I thank to my bad luck and to my friend’s mistakes).

  • land units wouldn’t attack the airfield anyways, you’d attack the opposing land units, and take the field once they’re all vanquished.

  • @Maarek:

    land units wouldn’t attack the airfield anyways, you’d attack the opposing land units, and take the field once they’re all vanquished.

    Not necessarily.
    As japanese player at the first turn I would gladly attack that airfield on Guadalcanal and possibly destroy it …

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    If only all those pesky American troops would let you.  😄

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    Wasn’t someone saying that it takes a s@#* load of bombs to damage an airfield. I mean like tons of tons of ordinance?

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    It looks interesting.  I have been on Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Gizo, and Kolumbangara, and spent a lot of time talking with the local people.  They still passionately hate the Japanese, by the way.  I will be interested in how they handle the supply situation, having been an Army supply officer, and also having studied the Guadalcanal campaign for 47 years now.  I will also be interested in how they handle attacking an airfield to render it unfit to land.

    **In World War 2, it took an average of 8 bomb hits, the bombs weighing at least 100 pounds, per 1,000 feet of runway to knock out a Japanese airfield for 24 hours. ** Twelve bombs hits per 1,000 feet or using bombs weighing 500 pounds would take the Japanese about 48 hours to repair.

    Generally, the US could repair a runway in about half the time of the Japanese.  **Henderson Field was never really knocked out the entire campaign, and with it being 200 feet wide with hard packed coral, the Japanese never really mustered the needed bomber force to knock it out. **

    US accuracy from 14,000 feet against runways was about 1 hit per 6 bombs dropped.  Based on analysis of Japanese level bombing attacks, their accuracy was about one-half of that.  So 8 bombs X 4,000 feet of runway X 6 bombs for one hit X 2 for poor accuracy adds up to 384 bombs dropped to knock out the airfield.

    I think that the Betty could rack twelve 110 pound bombs, so that means a minimum of 32 Betties to deliver the needed bombs.  I do not think that the Japanese ever put 32 bomb-carrying Betties over Henderson Field.  I will need to look that up.  Regardlless, I will look forward to seeing the game, and at the very least, I  will have more naval miniatures to use for other naval rules and game design.

    That was the post I was looking for. Okay not tons of tons but that should give more perspective on attacking an airfield.

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    Exactly, Frimmel.  This is why in the game airfields can only be attacked from the air or by big naval guns.  Land units just don’t have the destructive capacity to do the job.  Also, as I mentioned, there’s the problem of enemy land units getting in their way.

  • I like the fact that both units can be on an island and not have to keep battling until someone owns it.

    It tooks days to take Iwo Jima.

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