Top right side of the board?

  • According to the rule clarifications,
    “The large Hudson Bay sea zone on the top left side of the boad is adjacent to the Western Canada land territory on the top right side of the board.”

    “Top right side of the board” = the sea zone around the Alaska? or there is one ‘hidden’ sea zone on the western canada covered by blow-up boxes?

  • The clarification is that Western Canada is adjacent to Hudson Bay SZ. This means land units in Eastern or Western Canada can be transported via that Seazone. The map at a glance does not appear to be so. Upon a closer look you’ll see it as so, or possible. Some USA players will build their land units in Western USA, move them to Western Canada, and them transport them to the United Kingdom, Finland Norway, or Western Europe. This is a defensive building strategy against an Alaskan invasion by Japan. I think few players know about it…

  • is it wrap around of Hudson Bay SZ?
    Can i move naval units from Hudson Bay SZ to SZ around Alaska?

  • Unfortunately, no. The seazones are not adjacent…

  • in the 3rd Edition rule,
    "Western Canada no longer borders on the Atlantic Ocean. This keeps players from being able to move units from the Atlantic ocean directly into Western Canada. "

    that means transport can unlaod the unit into Western Canada when the transport is on the Eastern Canada SZ?

  • No. It means they CANOT unload from the Hudson Bay directly into W Can sz.
    Read it and weap. - Xi

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