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    Has anyone bought an Axis & Allies T-shirt advertised on the home page from Zazzle? I was curious if they are a good quality shirt and to see how many people have purchased them. Just looking for an overall opinion on the shirts. Thanks in advance.

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    Wait a second… you mean you didn’t get your free shirt for being a member here? Everybody got one. Your a new member so it may take time for the processing. just wait. the shirt is on the way.

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    You’re kidding, right? That would be great to get a shirt for joining the forum. I don’t recall seeing any info on a shirt when joining up. Perhaps I just missed it.

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    No there is no such thing… You must pay in order to get one…


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    I figured as much. Oh well, always good to play a joke on the new guy. However, has anyone purchased one?

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