It´s here! The Enlarged Gameboard for use with Revised Edition 2004

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    Just wow.

  • @Cmdr:

    Just wow.

    I’ll second that

    wow wow

  • My map arrived today and it looks fantastic!

  • post a picture of the complete map with pieces on it. its hard to have a good idea what that thing looks like with normal light and in a normal play session.

    use for upload. Its safe.

  • There already is one. The last picture on our website under the menu “enlarged gameboard” (the english version)

  • Ok i am placing my order.

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  • Great! Ill make you admin…

  • also, i want to buy the classic map… the same one from the site. I tried to scan my original one, but you guys did a much better job.

  • I got the map and its very nice. I would prefer you use a proper tube and had added some paper at each end because the top got crimped.

    Anyway, whats the rules regarding the sub patrol zone in the pacific?

    Other than that i really like the pictures and how you integrated them in the oceans. The map is worth the spend.

    Also, would like you to post any house rules Denmark uses.

  • 1. There is an insurance on the shipping, so if it is damage you can go to the PO and fill out a form.
    2. I will order tubes to send them in right away. You are the first customer that mentioned this problem.
    3. As mentioned on the forum earlier we are having the european additional rules translated and will post them on our website when ready. This includes the sub patrolzones.
    4. The rules for subpatrolzones are similar to the additional rules for Axis & Allies 2nd edition

  • That board is AWESOME. It’s cool how they have pictures from World War 2 in the countries/ territories. Want to get it, but don’t have any money.

  • I have it and it is nice. You can print out the one from bionic donkey. com for free on your own printer and tape the pages together.

  • Bionic Donkeys is down. Can you send me the link?

  • Its not on preorder. I have one for like 1 year now. Just order it!

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    Being a fellow painter of A&A minis, I’m interested in seeing more of your painter’s work…

  • You can contact our painter for more fotos on

  • hi all, been a while.

    this first pic is what i had been using, i manually printed things out in one page sections via “print selection” command and pieced them all together, and laminated them with clear packing tape. Ultimately it proved to be a little larger than the default gameboard like I wanted, but still sloppy looking and with some bumps here and there which complicated unit placement due to tipping or sliding:

    it was larger enough than the default board that things in europe didn’t seem so crowded anymore, but shoddy looking still, and that can wear on the nerves.

    So I finally said enough is enough, and took the map pdf file on a jump drive down to minuteman press in London Kentucky and had them blow it up and laminate it….it costed $118 IPCs U.S. Dollars.

    Its 2 foot by 3 foot, and gives us plenty of room for stacks. I got tired of kenny’s fat fingers knocking over my german stacks and scattering them across europe…he says my money was wasted because “those damn germans were going across europe anyway I just helped you out is all”.

    but here it is:

    Now its a matter of using felt covered plywood and trim or lever/arms to mount it to a stable and portable surface to a have a gorgeous large size dedicated axis & allies gaming board. since the revised historical map is the best version I’ve ever seen, i’d like to thank those who made it.

    Truly, thank you.

    Yet my players can’t appreciate the depth and complexity of revised historical, so I’m making a new rules set in MS word just for our group which I’ll call “Axis & Allies, revised historical Redneck Edition”.

    It will essentially be a cross between OOB rules that came with revised, and the best parts of Historical and the anniversary edition (I like how SBR’ing is done in anniversary for example)

    So for the next while, I’ll be trying to put this together and hope i achieve balance without having to playtest and revise endlessly (i have tripleA with the revised module for most testing, such as alternate set up effects)

    The one thing i wanted to do, but im not sure how it will effect flow or balance, is take the revised turn structure and order of play from historical and use it…but I cant really test its effects in tripleA. Anyone familiar with how that changes things, please chime in with details about such.

    Things like anniversary SBR, air superiority and victory city infantry spawn from historical, and house rules like CAP and air intercept etc are what I’m looking to incorporate. I have a left over d10 with funky symbols from a star trek game used for target locks that i’m going to possibly incorporate for naval bombardment and antiaircraft guns (rather than inflict casualties by default, this dice will tell you whether your efforts have no effect (proceed as normal), or lend a bonus to attack or defense of landing troops/AA guns)

    anyway, I’ve been prowling through the forums here the last week or so getting houserule ideas for our custom version. If ya’ll like when i get it done I’ll lay it out for ya.

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    I’d like to see what you round up.  :-D

  • We use dull lamination to prevent the light reflection that seems present on your board?

  • a dull lamination would no doubt be better.

    but with my only other options at this time being the handmade version or the tiny board that came in the box, i’m overjoyed to have this 2x3 board. Expediency is important to me, and I was able to get this done in one day. Otherwise i’d like to have had a board such as displayed on page one of this thread, assuming it has the multiple numerous victory cities.The additional numerous victory cities are vital to me, since I wanted a “infantry spawn at victory cities” rule. If only shipping anywhere in the world could be done overnight!

    i would say though that when its on a table rather then being on the floor with you looking down that there is considerably less glare, in fact until i was looking down from on high with my crappy camera i hadn’t noticed any such glare.

    my enlarged laminated “revised historical” map does please me, greatly in fact. but I’m not gonna pretend that its superior to the other enlarged maps shown in this and other threads, the one on page one here is more elegant and beautiful by far. If it had the number of victory cities that the revised historical does, and could be in my hands within 3 days of paying for it I would have went with it.

    I recently have had the worst luck with shipping. I ordered a monitor just before christmas and still haven’t gotten it, its lost somewhere in the postal service warehouses in louisville, I ordered ammo for an argentine mauser and it took nearly 2 weeks when it only should have taken 5 days at best from Texas, and I ordered a recurveyouth bow for my son last sunday which still hasn’t arrived. If I was waiting on such a treasure as an enlarged gorgeous map to arrive everyday would be torture until i could hold it and proceed with confidence to make my custom rulesset.

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