Invading allied capitals in a&a pacific

  • Hey im a new user,ive had axis and allies for a while and i just bought my first few games of pacific ive found it impossible to capture Austrailia or India. can you guys help me

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    I have only played once, but it seems to me that if you hit the convoy routes as soon as possible and eliminate the allied navies as much as possible then concentrate on getting troops on the mainland and go through China to get to India you can take it. I think Australia can be crippled by the loss of convoy routes so you can hold of on attacking them.

    Although, I’ve only played once and it was against two people who were first time players as well, so I won but take it for what its worth.

  • I think that you might be able to draw the indians out by leaving tempting territorys open to their assult. Then you could amphib. assult india. I think Austrailia would be easier to take though. By taking the Dutch East Indies quickly you can reduce their income by a great deal. Then you can use New Gunea a an effective staging area for the final attack.

  • first of all, you can only effectively hit one or the other. (i’ve never taken australia) basically as quickly as you can, you have to amass about 6-8 transports loaded fully to take india, along with any other offensive units you can bring, prefferably several battleships, bomber(s) etc…
    if you’re not hitting india by the third turn, it ain’t gonna happen, because they’re cranking out inf.
    in this strategy, the only thing the us can do to really impact that battle is to build bombers, because for the japanese everything hinges on that one attack. if they start building naval units and japan wins they’re completely useless

  • I just realized I was quite inexperienced when I first replied here. I’ve since switched to a somewhat more boring, yet rather intense, strategy for taking India. I nab as much in the northern dutch east indies that is of value, while cutting convoy routes and killing as much enemy navy as possible. I then move as many troops into southeast asia as possible (taking the offensive forces from Manchuria and Shantung as well) and continuously build infantry with perhaps some artillery and fighters; these all, of course, will be sent into French indo-china at the earliest possible convience. It is quite important to ignore China (possibly advancing in the north if the oppertunity presents itself) and to consolidate most of the navy in the central Pacific (perhaps some destroyers with the transports to protect against wayward enemy ships). we’ll see how unreliable this will be after being exposed to my play group for a few months.

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