• Here’s an idea I’d like to run past you.

    I have a little knowledge of A&A but my main wargaming vice is Combat Mission.

    Now a few weeks ago my son asked me if we could ‘play soldiers’. Which lead me to search round a few cupboards and dust off my old A&A. But I couldn’t find the rulebook and got hunting on the internet. (It was you guys that pointed me in the direction of the Avalon Hill download section. Thanks.)

    And I was quite taken by all the campaigns that are now available. D-Day. Battle of the Bulge etc.

    Which got me thinking.

    Combat mission is essentially a very good tactical wargame. With an ability to build maps and tailor forces and create scenarios. While A&A is a strategic game.

    So would it be possible to merge the two games together.

    A couple of you A&A guys could act as ‘C in C’ commanders and a whole bunch of  Combat Mission players could act as ‘commanders in the field’. I could umpire/create CM scenarios.

    There would need to be some tweaking of rules, and there are lots of things that would need consideration. (its far from ready to go.)

    But I think it could be quite a fun idea.

  • And just so you get to know how you’re dealing with here’s our site:


  • When I tried to register it asked me: beyond overlord: * Name the first Combat Mission game?

    Whats that suposed to mean!?  :?  😐

  • Hmmmm.

    I registered a few years back, so i may be a little rusty on the signing in stuff.

    Although the site did get bombarded with loads of false names and stuff all wanting to sell dodgy ‘medicine’.

    If it helps the first Combat mission game was called ‘Beyond overlord’. (AKA CMBO) The second was Barbarossa to Berlin (AKA CMBB) and the third was the Afrika Korps version (AKA CMAK)

    The newest version deals with ‘near future’ combat in Syria. Combat Mission Shock Force.

    Anyway. I’m sure you don’t have to register to take a look, i think you only have to register to post.

    I’ve run the idea past the guy who runs the site but I haven’t posted anything about this yet as I wanted to see how you guys felt about it.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I have always been interested in adapting a squad based game to fit with Axis and Allies. My choice had been a game called Steel Panthers:World at War. But, I ran into some problems that I have yet to find a way around.

    The biggest issue is unit quality. An A&A American armored unit is the same quality as a German one but if you’re going to be pitting an equal number of Shermans against Tigers you’ll be wanting to play Germany.

    Another problem is that aircraft and battleships are powerful units in A&A, but in Steel Panthers they play a much more supportive role and wouldn’t really justify their high cost in the game.

    Probably the best way to make up for those issues is in adjusting the quantity of the units to place them all on equal footing but I never had the time to figure it out.

  • I was really looking at one of the campaign based games like the bulge or D-Day.

    we really have no battleship capability. we can buy aircraft. and some really heavy duty artillery, (which could substitute battleship support.)

    but basically its a ground based tactical thing we have going.

    If you type ‘combat mission’ into youtube there are a few films that show ‘us’ in action.

    It can be run on a points based system (which was what I sort of had in mind.) so obviously shermans are cheaper than Tigers/Panthers. otherwise no one would bother playing.

    Our biggest problem would be the length of time it takes us to play a game. By PBEM (Play By E Mail) a 20 turn game could take about a month to finish. which, by looking at your rules, I think would take a little adjusting. so you’d maybe have to play all you German turns first, then the allies would get to have a bash. And so on. just to keep thing going.

    Anyway. I’d be more than pleased to keep this discussion going…

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