• I posted on the building mother russia forum, but it hadnt been used for awhile so i thought id just post my own.

    Am looking to trade:

    Lebel Grenadier (france)(common) X1
    Char BI-bis (france)(rare) X1
    Cavalrymen (poland)(uncommon) X1
    PTRD-41 Antitank Rifle (russia)(common) X2
    PPSh-41 SMG (russia)(common) X2
    Communist Partisans (russia)(common) X1
    Antitank Grenadier (romania)(common) X2

    What I would like:

    Carro Armato M13/40 (italian)(uncommon)
    Stalwart Hero (italian)(uncommon)
    “Screaming Eagle” Paratroopers (US)(common)
    Just about anything Italian
    Just about anything Hungarian
    Just about anything Chinese
    Just about anything Japanese

  • While I’m not interested offerings list I do have items to trade.

    What I’m interested in is Canadian, Aussie and British pieces.

    I do have available twelve Italian Pieces that include all Italian models from the first 5 sets.

    I also have about 40 Japanese pieces, and a bunch of Hungarians.  The Chinese were already traded.

  • Well, all my british pieces are out of the bags, but i just bought them, and they are in excellent condition.

    I have:
    Royal engineers X2
    Inspiring Lt X1
    Vickers Machine Gun Team X1
    Archer X1
    M3 Stuart X1
    40mm Bofors X1

    If there is anything here that you would like to trade for or even the whole bunch of them let me know what you could offer.

  • Oh and when i said what you would be interested in trading, i meant trading of your italian and hungarian units.
    Thanks again.

  • Which would you like more for your British list?  I’ve 12 Hungarian pieces (which includes all models) and 15 Italian pieces (which includes all models).  I’m not overly particular for a 1 to 1 trade so you can have either group.

    If you’ve no more Commonwealth soldiers to offer, how about some extra Germans for the other group?

    Click my profile for my personal email.


  • I could use the Char BI-bis (france)(rare) X1

    How about for a
    SNLF Captin (Japan) (UNC)
    SNLF Fanatic (Japan) (Com)
    Stalwart LT  (Italy)  (UNC)
    Brixia M35 Mortar (Italy) (com) x2
    Bohler 47MM AT (Rom) (com)

  • Hey, sorry for not getting to your post sooner. I would be glad to trade my Char BI-bis. Im interested in Japanese and American soldiers now, what do you have to offer in those respects? And, would you want the Lebel Grenadier also?

  • For the Char Bis 1

    how about a
    Screaming Eagle Cpt  U
    Flamethrower          C
    SNLF Cpt                U
    SNLF Fanatic            C

  • That sounds like a deal, email me your address to goss_drillman@yahoo.com, and I’ll give you mine. Ill try to get your piece in the mail on Monday.

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