Need help finding a version of AA: Europe

  • No, I’ll work out the right numbers during weekend, stay tuned

  • @Adlertag:

    Lets take Germany as an example. Germany homeland got 12 IPC, because this is the historic GDP of this country. Germany historic got 50 % of its iron ore from Sweden, so lets give Northern Norway (Nordland territory) 4 IPC, and Germany got 70 % of its nickel from mines in Northern Finland, so lets give Lappland territory 4 IPC. Also Germany got 90 % of its oil from Ploesti fields in Rumenia, so lets give Rumenia 4 IPC. Now the other countries have no IPC value, they are worthless. If Germany conquer Balo-Russia, it gets no IPC gain, but if Germany conquer Caucasus it get 6 IPC from the Baku oil-fields. Can you dig it ?

    Armies move on their stomachs… I would give at least 1 IPC or 2 IPC to places like Balo-Russia! Lots and lots of wheat, potatoes, etc. Remember, that “hammer and sickle” means industry and agriculture - both valuable enough to be on the Soviet flag!

  • I dont know why I bother to answer this

    Listen dude, some places like Viborg are just wilderness and swamps and marshes, with no population or no resources or no industry what so ever. But anyway people of your kind like to give Viborg 1 or 2 IPC income anyway, just for fun. So Germany with population of 80 million and big time industry got 10 IPC, and Viborg with population of 10 000 hillbillies and no known industry or resources got 1 IPC. Knock knock. Anybody home ?

    But what about playability, you cry ? Yes, its good playability to keep track of 100 territories with 1 IPC income each, especially since all this territories got tradet back and forth like 100 times during one turn. NOT ! I favour a system with some valuable and main  territories that contains factories, victory cities and high IPC income, and a lot of useless territories with no IPC income that you can use as a dead zone to trade back and forth without having to keep track of IPC income.

  • I agree with you on Viborg, comrade!

    Just wanted to advocate for agro, amidst all the talk of metals, oil, etc.

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    ok fine

  • where can we most likely find AAEurope and AA Pacific besides eBay?

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  • i’ve seen AAP and AAE still on shelves of the local hobby, game and comic stores in the area, might not hurt to call around to those either…

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