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  • Hi!

    I bought Axis and Allies: Europe a time ago and I enjoy the game a lot! But now I would like to buy another game in the Axis series, but I don’t know if I shall buy the original game or Axis and Allies: Pacific. I would like to have the original since it covers the entire world, but this old game also seems to have some serious flaws such as no destroyers and artillery units. I have read that there are “linking rules” for AAE and AAP, but the linking rules I have seen on the Internet seemed to be pretty bad.

    Please could some one give me some advice…

  • Hmmm… there are not that many people I know that buy A&A:E before buying the original. Anywaays, I am glad you enjoy the game so much. The World can always use more A&A players! 😎

    Anyways, I would suggest the original first. It many not be as “advanced” (no advanced SBRs, Convoys, or new units) as its siblings, but it is by far my favorite. Plus, you can always sub in your units from Europe into the Original, which would make up for the lack of artillery and destroyers.

    (Russia probably won’t need destroyers anyways, and I’m sure you can make up a rule where [Insert Country here] does not have access to Artillery. OR you can make AA guns artillery (providing you use chips underneath to seperate regular AAs from Artillery)

    Of course the Pacific is a great game to (IMHO better than Europe), so you can’t go wrong with either one. (I bet you’ll end up getting all three in the long run anyways 😉 )

    Besides, one of the best aspects of A&A is its simplicity. You wouldn’t want the game to end up like Campaign for North Africa, would you?

  • yeah, I haven’t played any of the expansions but I can say that no way they’re better than the original.

    “have strength in your ignorance” - The Imperial Guard

  • I don’t know… the original A&A mostly wins due to sheer size (covering all theaters). Other than that A&A:P and E can won-up it’s father in several instances.

  • world all the way! 🙂

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