• Marines don’t have the “I’m a Marine ribbon.”
    there is the National Deffence, Global war on Terror expaditonary, Global war on Terror support (can’t remember the darn things name now).

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    nothing makes you feel more like a general then a chest full of medals, I agree. 🙂

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    LMAO, I went to my daughters school for a Veterans day event where the second grade kids (my daughter) introduced family members that were Vets to the rest of the school.  Of the few (5 or 6) active millitary guys there, I was the only one that wore my dress greens, the rest wore field uniforms.  I heard kids whisper several times “look a general” and point at me.  Funny stuff…

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    Ugh, I would never wear utilities to an event like that.  Utilities are for field work, not public relations.  That’s a class C at least, class A preferable. (I’d do Class C if it was hot because I’m lazy and like to be comfortable.)

  • Marines arn’t even allowed to go to the store (unless on base) in Utilities. just diffrent standards.

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    Why would you go to a store first off, and secondly, why would you shop off base?  With the PX interwoven in just about every major American company, you can order just about everything through AAFES, I’m sure the Navy/Marines are similar.

  • Because its cheaper off post in some places Jen, Ft. Benning used to be that way and probably still is.

    Medals have definitely changed since I was in. Back then it was pretty rare to see 3 rows or more on less than a very senior NCO. Although I do think it would be nice if they came up with a combat and non-combat version of the Achievement and Commendation medals. I also have no problem with them being sold. Out of my 4 medals all I received was the “Fire Gard” (Army Service Ribbon) I wound up having to buy the ribbons for the rest, one of which I didn’t even know I had until I was discharged since it was on my 214.

  • Much cheaper. The px at most posts charge exorbitant prices.

  • And it seems like the Navy has now jumped on the digital bandwagon with a subdued version of the MARPAT. Considering how tradition bound the Navy is I doubt this is going to be popular with the Chiefs.

  • not every one lives in base housing, so you have to stop and shop where you can on the way home.
    also it depends on the base your shopping on. prices on base are based off of the avarage rank of the people stationed there. so Quanico Vergina (officer training base for Marines) has much higher prices then the PX in San Diago CA (Marine Boot Camp). even though one is in VA a state that has no where near the cost of living as southern CA.

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    Really.  When I was at Fort Benning (2005/2006) the PX was about 90% the cost of retail and duty free.  Maybe they’re just getting better?

    Anyway, I still order all my stuff from the PX online. (AAFES.com) Especially electronics and furniture to save hundreds annually on taxes.

  • '89-90 other than stereo equipment everything was cheaper off post. The justification was that since Benning was an open post and anyone could buy the stuff AAFES had to charge what off-post stores charged. Which is a laugh since you had to show ID if not in uniform to buy anything. AAFES was not very highly regarded back then. Overseas they used to fuss because everybody tended to eat at Burger King and not the AAFES snack bar. The quality was miles apart.

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    Everyone still ate at Burger King, or the brand new Church’s Chicken on Sand Hill.

    The base wasn’t really “open” when I was there.  It took an ID and you had to be stationed there or with someone stationed there to get on the post.  But you were there BEFORE 9/11, I was there AFTER 9/11.  Probably a huge difference.

  • Benning was indeed “open” back in the day…

    And there was NO BK or Churches Chicken there either…

    Just the starships, the little PX down by the pond, the larger PX up by the 4/36th, the med centers (2 of those) and all the religious structures (none of them except the old Lutheran church looked enough like a church to even be called a Church…)

  • I think the BK was at main post in '87 when I did Infantry School at Harmony Church. I couldn’t swear to that as my barracks was next to the old RIP school which was practically the end of the earth. I know it was there in '88-90 when I was stationed at Kelly Hill (1/18INF 197th)
    I also worked at Benning in 97-98 new barracks at Kelly Hill and 99 Ranger Barracks and HQ. Which are like 5 star luxury hotels compared to what was there in my day. Last time I was there was last year with my girlfriend while she was pet sitting. Heck right now I am just on the other side of Phenix City.

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    Yea, the BK, the Pizza Hut and the Theater were all by the OCS/Airborne School.  There was another BK by the bowling alley.

    The Churches is by the old run down wooden buildings where the ID Cards and administration buildings are.

    As for “open” bases, as I said, you had to have an escort who was stationed at the facility, be there for business (ie a visiting official) or be stationed there yourself.  You could not even get on if you were the friend of a wife of a stationed soldier there.  The soldier had to come escort you himself.

  • The religious structures switch was referring to was the old WWII era barracks at Harmony Church. Very sporty accommodations; no AC, most of the tiles gone off the floors, and Oil Boilers that were subject to explode (not to good in a fat-lightered pine building). The only ones of which are left are the Admin buildings. I doubt you are familiar with that part of post as everything out that way was demolished in 89.

  • The last units for the USAITC were transfered out of Harmony Church while I was in Benning (1989)

    The old Barracks were being demolished while I was there.

    There was an actual “Church” in Sand Hill that was a traditional looking church.  It was the Lutheran Church in Sand Hill (I made my second Confirmation effort in that facility).  The rest of the Sand Hill religious facilities were all non-descript red brick buildings, just like every other facility in Sand Hill.

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    I believe they have more then just Luthren services in that church, Switch.  However, I did not get to be on the BCT/ITB area too much.

  • @Cmdr:

    I believe they have more then just Luthren services in that church, Switch.  However, I did not get to be on the BCT/ITB area too much.

    No, this was an actual Lutheran Church.  It was on the far side of Sand Hill from my unit (4/30 INF which was near the small PX by the pond).  Opposite side of Sand Hill from my unit (a REALLY long hike for me with my leg immobilizers and crutches)

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    I think I know the one you are talking about.  I had to stop by the two Churches on Sand Hill to drop off some fliers once.  And I think I remember seeing that they had some other services at that church as well as Luthren.  Not sure what they were anymore, but I’m pretty sure they held different services as well as Luthren.  I want to say Baptist too, but don’t quote me on that.

  • No, the Lutheran Church was exclusively Lutheran… at least it was back in 1989.  White clapboard constructions with a steeple.  All of the other buildings in Sand hill were red-brick.

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    Yea, the one I am thinking about had a steeple and I’m almost positive they had other services in there as well.  But hey, there’s kinda a large time differential between 1989 and 2005, ya know?  Like 16 years!  Hell, you can GROW a soldier in that amount of time!

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