What should I choose ? A&A Revised or A&A Europe ?

  • Hi, I’m new in A&A, so I plan  to buy A&A game, but I cannot decide, which to choose.

    +I prefer Europian fights
    +I like map of A&A Europe, where you cannot from Germany move to Moscow in few turns.
    There are 4 sides and 373 plastic figures, so ~ 93 each.

    • Germany is alone
      +I like convoy zones.

    A&A Revised:
    +Bigger map , it couse more tactics.

    • Bigger provinces in Europe, you can from Germany to Moscow move in few turns.
      5 sides 366 plastic figures, so ~ 73 each.
    • Germany is not alone
      I prefer more players

    So, can you advice ? maybe it would be better buy revised edition, it’s not hard to print even Europian map and add Japan as Italy and so on ?

    Thank you very much

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    Revised no question about it. its slam dunk.

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    I am fairly new to A&A myself as well and to this forum. But I personally like A&A Europe better. I prefer playing as Germany and I find that A&A Europe is a lot more challenging playing as Germany, than A&A Revised, as it should be. Although, they are both a lot of fun. You really can’t go wrong with either.

  • I bought and played europe first…for ages!! It took us forever to figure out how to win with the allies!!, but as soon as we got our hands on revised…well…there are only enough hours in the day, and all those hours must be spent on Revised…

    Stay away from DDay and Pacific though… waste of money (Particularily DDay… and Pacific is a different kind of game entirely, even without the fact the japanese cannot lose by crushing India first…) :mrgreen:

  • @Gudulas:

    A&A Revised:

    • Bigger provinces in Europe, you can from Germany to Moscow move in few turns.

    You could move from Germany to Mosco in few turns… but it hardly happen! I mean there is alot of fight on the Russian front.

    I own both games. Revised is far long a better game than Europe. It is still interesting. I own both of them. Ads ana indication we usually do 10 matches with Revised and 1 with Europe or Pacific…

  • I should buy the Revised first too if I were you. It’s just the best version there is, although I have to admit that Europe is great one too.
    Perhaps you could buy them both, in that way you don’t to make a choice 😄

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