• From Base set:
    My 6-Pounder Antitank Gun for a Panzerfaust 30?
    My Humber Scout Car for a Type 92 Machine-Gun Team?
    My M3 Stuart for a Sd Kfz 251?
    My Jeep and Panzer IV Ausf. G for a Renault R-35?

    My offers are still in the bags and come with the cards. It’s OK if what you have is not in the bag and I assume it comes with the card, too. PM me if you’re up for trading.

  • I’ll make my way into the dungeon and see what I’ve got on your want list.


  • I’ve all four pieces.  I’m not too fussy about what I get except that I’m mainly interested in Canadian, Australian or British pieces.

    I’lll send a PM


  • I sent a response via email reply

  • Colringbk,

    I have sent a couple of emails wondering if you were collecting the requested pieces from any set (set 1) or just the resized 39-45 set.  Are you still interested in a trade?


  • Sorry, man. I only got 1 of your emails. I replied. Did you get it? Anyway, I found a database for trading that I’ll probably be using. Let me know if you’re interested in the database.

  • Does anyone have anything to trade in regards to these German miniatures?

    Veteran Tiger

    I have a some nice Russian equipment and a huge US army. I’m willing to straight pay for them as well. Let me know if you have anything on your wish list and I may have it. (caution: I’m hesitant to give up certain German units that I don’t have multiples of since this is my primary army.

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