• From what I read in the book and here, on normal moving, nondisrupted, a vehicle or a person doesn’t have to pay a movement point to change directions.  By that I mean I don’t have to take a point to turn within a hex and then move forward, taking more points, turn (taking a point), and so on.

    Is that right?

    What about shooting?  Can a vehicle facing, say, the top right of a hex, shoot the top left direction too?  What about straight up the middle between hexes with a good line of sight?

    Is it the same for men?  Thanks for help.

  • 1.  Changing your facing is free as part of your movement.  If you cannot move (say due to disruption) or if in the assualt phase you you opt to attack instead of moving then you cannot chnage facing.

    2.  Unless otherwise indicated on the card, all units can fire in any direction regardless of the facing.  Units that have restrinction are noted on the card and usually state “Fixed Howitzer” or some similar special ability (or restriction as the case may be).

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