• For Japan First:

    • Russia moves all armor to Nov. and stacks infantry on Karelia and Yakut.

    • Having the Armor in Nov allows counter strikes in all directions on R2.

    • Russia lands 1 ftr in india, and 1 ftr in Sinkaing.

    • UK build a IC in India and leaves Eqypt/syria using the tranport to bring infantry to India.

    • Assuming Japan fails to take Sinkaing, the US will build an IC there turn 1.

    The US will buy 2 tanks per turn for the Japan effort, and put all other effort into liberating Africa.

    The U.K puts all effort into Asia, buying 3 tanks and plane every round. Send the planes to India via Karelia to help the Russian on defense.

    Russian holds out against Germany and Launches an attack in coordination with the other Allies to 1 - 2 - 3 punch Japan off the mainland before Japan can respond. Usually turn 3 or 4. Produce allied aircraft to sink any Japanese boats, and Japan is effectively defeated/contained. Now turn all available resources to killing Germany and taking berlin.

  • The problem is that you need supporting inf to back up those ARMs

  • You know what though? Zero has inadvertantly hit on the most (only?) feasible KJF strategy - going after Japan by pushing all your troops through Russia:

    The Long, Slow Death of Japan
    This will make for a very long game, but at least you could say you did it. Once. You stick with the basic strategy used in a Crush Germany game for the first several turns, namely setting up UK and US fleets in the North Sea to pump infantry into Karelia through Norway. But you never go into Eastern Europe. Instead you push as many troops as possible through Russia to the Russian/Japanese front, always leaving behind just enough troops in Karelia to keep Germany in check. All excess troops (say for example, all USA troops) get sent east to slowly push Japan back into the Pacific. It certainly wouldn’t be an easy battle, but Russia will never be in real danger and you would win eventually. While technically this is a very feasible strategy, in reality it’s worthless because at that point it’s still much easier to crush Germany and you would be going after Japan instead just for the novelty of it - all you are doing is pointlessly dragging the game out and probably pissing off your opponent, although he may be content to keep playing since Germany will still be going strong.

    So really it’s just a technicality and doesn’t count as a true KJF strategy.

    Edit: Actually, what would probably wind up happening is that there will be so many troops on the EE/Karelia border that one of you will wind up making a mistake in numbers (or the numbers will get so big that you will both be in new “Do I have enough to win this battle?” territory) and a giant battle will ensue before Japan falls.

  • Still a newbie, and playing RR, 2 Hit BB without a Bid… I think that Japan first can work… This might not be possible with a bid into Libya… I think that I’ve finally got a handle on the shuck-shuck, and I’m looking for something different…

    USSR1: Stack LEN & YAK. 2 INF MOS to Novo. Boats to NOR. Build 2 INF MOS, 6 INF KAR.

    UK1: If Germany hit AES, take them out (IND INF, FTR, INF SYR, BMB UK). Otherwise, pull out of Africa (AES, SYR INF to IND via. TRN, AES ARM to PER). 2 FTR to KAR regardless.
    If the Gib BB is alive, buy the CV, 1 TRN, 1 INF, move the BB to NOR. Otherwise save $30.

    US1: Buy 4 Subs. Counter attack HAW with BB, TRN, 2 FTR, 1 BMB and sub from HAW if it had the chance to retreat. If we’re not going to win Pearl III (we shouldn’t), try to retreat 1 FTR to WUS.

    Place subs in WUS.

    USSR2: Build up the stacks. 2 INF NOVO to SIN. Take FIN with Air, minimal #s of INF.

    UK2: If we didn’t buy the CV rnd 1, do it now, along with 3 trn and some INF. Otherwise, buy 2 TRN, and fill them. Save extra $$$ (aiming for a FTR). Land whatever we can in Finland.

    US2: Buy a carrier and a fighter, and an TRN. If what remains of the Jap fleet is exposed to the subs, hit it. Otherwise, just let them sit.

    Keep the stacks. Try to hold Kar, Yak, and Sink (with help from Brits in Ind).

    Alternate landing INF in Africa and Fin. Whenever (if ever) $$$ allows, buy an extra fighter for LEN.

    Take Wake. Build a couple TRNs, take INF from EUS to fill them. Buy a bomber.

    Set up airbase on Wake. Send rogue TRNs to start picking off Japan’s islands. Land in SFE or FICB as Jap placement allows. Use subs to continually harass japan’s shipping. Japan will be forced to either commit $$$ or their fighters to defense of their TRNs. SBR Japan with bombers not needed to disrupt their shipping. Maybe tech from time to time, as everything except Jet Power/Rockets would help out here (and picking up rockets just means building 1 TRN EUS to take an AA to FIN for $3.5 off Germany every turn)…

    Russia ought to be able to start pushing back at Japan at this point, as the UK retakes Africa. Germany will have a TON of INF in Europe, but they should still be confined to the continent. As Japan loses her islands, ground to the Russians, and $$$ to US bombing, her economy crumbles, and she is forced to concentrate on keeping Japan out of Allied hands.

    The US should be able to afford to (with a Factory on FICB, India, or the Philipines) outproduce Japan while at the same time sending ARM west through Asia to Russia. US should have enough force built up to take Japan by turn 10 or so…

    This should make for a LONG game, but I think that it would be interesting to play it out… My rotation for the US/Russia isn’t for another week with my local group, but if I can talk Britain into it, I’m going to give this a shot… I guess that the worst that can happen is I lose badly, but we’re not playing for money (that would be interesting at the level of play I’ve seen demonstrated here), and bragging rights generally change hands week-to-week anyway…

    With a German bid of INF into Libya, they’d be able to quickly push units through to Syria/Persia, and meet Japan in India… I think that they would come together about 1 turn too soon to for this strategy to be effective…

    What’s everybody think?

  • It’s been years sicne I tried a Japan-first strategy against a good player, but against the computer setting up a blockade in the Sea of Japan while picking off two islands or so per turn does wonders. All that remains is for the UK and Russia to keep Japan limited on the mainland.

    If anyone has a moment to do so, please point out to me where a good player would handle Japan better than the AI in this situation.

  • I never use Japan forces to attack Hawaii anymore…it leaves Japan just an awesome navy right at the beginning of the game.

    Japan has to expand into asian as soon as possible. Matters what rules you are playing with, but me and my friends prefer playing without building IC, russia restricted, ger/jap techs. This helps out Japan a lot. Even though you need like 8 transports to effectivly go into Asia, hopfully germany has taken africa and russia cannot build tanks to take back asia.

    Once Japan has taken just a couple countries in asia they don’t even need to worry about america hitting them, as they will make more then the US and already have a huge standing navy in the waters of japan. Build 3-6 subs, position them in spots so if the american fleet moves anywhere they can be hit by the subs, and japan can split its navy in the pacific and keep america bottled up on its shores.

    This WHOLE time you need to be buying men and moving them towards russia. The tanks can follow later, as well as planes, but you need the men to take the hits from russia’s defense. Once japan starts fronting on russia, germany can more then likely take karilia and have enough defense left over to combat US/UK threats. This leaves japan with russia after a couple of thrusts with germany, and japan can take russia easy enough.

    Also, when japan starts making 40+ cash they can send tanks into africa trying to take it back, with transports running the coast and taking over little countries and staying away from ally fire.

    The best game I had with Japan I was making 61 cash a turn and had no more Japanese markers to place on the board :lol:
    I play best with Japan, and I personally love it when America tries to take me over. Japan can easily hold them back. The two battleships and carrier w/two planes is worth soooooooo much money, you just need to build transports and subs. Even if somehow america can take out the japanese fleet (and if it does you need to start thinking a little more) they should still have too weak a force to invade japan.

    As long as japan controls asia. If they do, the axis have a very good chance of winning the game.

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