• I think the new Hidden sea movement contribute a lot to the game. It was not easy to surprise any opponent during a board game, but now it is, thanks to this new rule. Man, we talk Fog of war, really. Its like that Diplomacy game. I love it, man

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    I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I figured I’d try to be sure I was clear on the rules and had a feel for the flow of the game before going ‘advanced.’

    I do like the idea.

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    Why do I have to be a “real american” to like this optional rule? Can´t I be somali and love it?.. USA is just another country in the world… there are many more… get over it.  8-)

  • A couple friends of mine have played a few games like this, they say its faster and more fun. Ill be sure to check it out next chance I get.

  • I haven’t actually played a game with this rule yet, but I love the concept.  Finally, a way to pull an unexpected move and catch your opponent off-guard.  Plus it negates much of the disadvantage of holding the first-player token.

  • What is this? Where can I learn more?

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    What is this? Where can I learn more?

    I believe the optional rule is in the back of the rulebook. Near where they are describing the let’s call them National Advantages. Basically you write down your sea moves and then move all the ships at the same time and then you proceed with air missions and combat.

  • Writing down movement for a lot of ships is a bit too cumbersome for me and really slows down the game. Why not try identical national counters to represent the ship types and let each player have two or three blank markers to place at the start of the game.

    These counters would have the ship type on the underside eg B, AC, Cr, D, S, T. Of course it’s a fair bet that those single units being loading on a couple of counters are on destroyers (or are they a couple of deceitful transports?)

    Players would move these markers as they wish, and they would only reveal them in attack phases (optional), or when unloading (compulsory) . A player could forego revealing an important ship (or blank), to add to uncertainty for his opponent.

    Any blank counters forced by combat to reveal themselves would be returned to the base sea zone. Players would pay the correct cost for new ships, but when placing in the base sea zone, they would be placed as counters.

    What do you think?

    Air recon might need to be considered……

  • it acutally speeds things up because you are move all your ships at once and not waiting for your opponent to move one class, than another, than another…

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