AARe rules Q: detecting multiple subs

  • I am hoping to swing a game using the AARe rules

    One question I have about sub detecion:
    "If at least ONE SUB Detection Roll is less than or equal to an opposing SUB’s DESTROYER-to-detect value, that SUB is considered “Detected”.

    Q: Can a single DD in a single roll detect multiple subs ? or does 1 DD only detect 1 SUB?

    Example: 3 enemy subs are present, 1st DD rolls successfully: are all 3 subs now “detected” or just 1 sub?

  • Answered my own question by searching the AH forums (or whats left of them)

    "Subs[with the same detection value] are detected as a group " straight form Axis_roll himself.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Da Komrad.

    Just remember that if you are attacking German and Japanese submarines you have to roll to detect each group of submarines.  Not only if you are being attacked by Kaitens and regular submarines.

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