Should I buy Battle of Bulge or Guadalcanal

  • I have thought to buy either one of those games. I know the setting for both games, but I don’t really know if either one of them is somehow better or if there are some major differences. So what are like pros and cons for both games that would help my decision.

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    buy Guadalcanal.


    Its quick

    You can get a free set of replacement cruisers by calling Avalon hill because they colored them wrong.

    The game has alot of new ideas that we might get in deluxe axis and allies in about 2 years. This will be a view of possible changes in combat hit allocations.

    its got supply rules that made the last game so great. Combat cant just occur all over the map and now supplies need to be allocated to support attacks.

    Lots of naval battles is fun.

    Its only about 32.00… less than a tank of gas!

    On ebay you can buy Bulge for cheap.

    You can even download my remastered map and use Revised pieces and download the rules on AH site

    My map files are on Boardgame geek. look it up.

  • Depends on the type of battle you like to wage.

    I own all the A&A games and am a long time fan.

    Frankly I think Guadalcanal is the best yet. Bulge is my least favorite.

    Guadalcanal has big sweeping air and sea battles - something missing form the A&A series in general. Guadalcanal is like the original game (or revised) but just zoomed in to a specific part of the map, where on a smaller scale you purchase units and make decisions.

    Bulge is nothing like any other A&A game and D Day basically plays you and the decisions are decided for you.

    I would get them both its not like they are dreadfully expensive  😉

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    The games have very different feels. They also have very different combat systems.

    After a couple of games I’m convinced that the Guadalcanal system is a random casualty system only in the sense that sometimes you can hit a higher value piece. I think the Bulge system is more random as to what will get hit.

    That being said the G’canal system is more random in the number of hits you will get. It is tough to gauge what is going to be there when you open the neck of that battlebox. I know they are dice and all so maybe it is my perception.  😐

    I have to disagree with IL on the supply aspect. At least the impression he gives that the systems are the same. Supplies make Bulge a big departure from the games prior to it.

    The supply system in Bulge must be very carefully managed– your units can’t shoot or move without supplies so logistics are important in Bulge. In G’canal the supplies are to build airfields. Your units will be able to move and fight without supplies. But you won’t be able to win if you don’t move the supplies to build the airfields.

    Bulge has a pre set reinforcement schedule (similar to D-Day) as far as types and timing of units. G’canal allows you to make those decisions. You have reinforcement points to use to get supplies, ships, planes and ground troops.

    Bulge is strictly land combat on a hex divided map where you’ll have land and sea and air support for each in G’canal.

    I really like Bulge. I also like G’canal.

    G’canal does seem to play quicker.

    They are very different games. The decision is closer to  Beer or Wine than to Budweiser or Guinness.

    You might also check to see which your likely opponents would be more interested in.

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    Reading the rules may help you to decide.  They are available on AH’s site:

    Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge rules

    Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal rules

  • Thanks for the tips. I have bought Guadalcanal then and it seems to be a rather good game.

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    Thanks for the tips. I have bought Guadalcanal then and it seems to be a rather good game.

    Glad we could help. I was wondering if maybe we’d scared you off and you decided to pick up some Euro game instead.  🙂

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