• Does anyone have the list of the combat zone give aways by month? 
    Avalon Hill still shows the list from part of 2006???
    Come on how about an update. 
    Did they even consider that maybe someone might show up to play a tournament at the local gaming shop just to get a chance to win one (my shop gives them away to the tourny players)
    How about some advertisement?
    Anyway to make things worse they don’t show what the tiles were… just “12 terrain hex tiles”

    I’d like to know what additional hex tiles they’ve come out with.  I think they’re pretty cool to play with and make the games interesting.

    The whole combat zone thing was a good/great idea but it appears that now the gaming shops just sell the stuff from it on ebay.

  • I haven’t followed all the re-direction of AAM marketing, shake-ups, transition of staff at Wizards, but it seems to me AAM has been relegated to the category of “out of print” and to be played only by an underground cult of die-hard fans. The only place I can seem to get an AAM game in is on this forum via PBEM.

    Maybe the release of the Northa Africa sets will sell well enough to make Wizards reconsider resurrecting the Combat Zone program.

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