• to gain the road bonus for a vehicle do you have to be “moving along a road” to qualify for bonus?

    if your movement starts on a road and your next movement is to a hex without a road is there a road bonus?

    also The brumbaar can it only attk units in which it is front facing?
    card says it has a fixed howitzer
    What if there is a unit in front of it but not directly in front of brumbaar’s exact facing.  Can it attack this unit?

  • I think this was answered in your other thread?

  • The point that jumped out at me was the facing question, so I’ll answer that one first…

    I’ve always considered facing to include anything in your line-of-sight that lies within the 60 degree arc formed by the side of the hex that your unit is facing.  Just imagine a 60-degree angle coming out of the center of your unit’s hex, and it’s sides extending out on either side of your unit, making said arc.

    As far as the road bonuses, you only get the extra movement point if you move from one hex containing a road to another hex also containing a road.  I suppose this is meant to illustrate moving along level, packed dirt/pavement, instead of rough, uneven terrain.  Think about it; you can go much farther in the same amount of time if you drive on a road than if you’re 4-wheeling, right?

    It’s kinda hard for me to explain without using pictures, and there are those around here that might give a more official/accurate answer, but I hope this helps anyway…  :wink:  Have fun with it - I love this game!!

  • I’m going to stick by the explaination that a fixed weapon on a vehicle can only fire at units that could in fact fire back and hit its front armour. ie 180 degrees.

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