AARHE Map Materials?

  • Did a search, checked the articles section, poked around a bit, couldn’t find anything.

    Any tips on making your own map?  What did you use, stuff like that.

    Kinkos anyone?

    Thanks for the help.


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    here you go. we are in the varient section.

  • @thepotsy:

    Any tips on making your own map?  What did you use, stuff like that.

    It was fun. Wasn’t too hard.

    We used Adobe Illustrator.
    30 days trial version available from adobe.

    (Though an decent vector drawing program will also do. We made maps. We made player aids.)

    In illustrator there is a feature called “live trace”.
    Our standard map is based on OOB revised map.
    Our 1939 map has bits of realism improvements.

    Tell us what kind of map you would like to made and we can go from there.
    For example for a realistic map you download some free vector world map.

    In terms of icons there are many free material available.
    For example you could even use TripleA icons.

    Our unit icons happens to be special fonts.


    here you go. we are in the varient section.

    actually thepotsy we are in the house rule section

    last round of dsicussions were in the variant section though because we were making a 1939 map

  • I was talking more about the game board.  I’m not really sure what to make it out of.


  • Oh. hehe.

    Yeah you can print at professional places. Straight forward.
    The latest file is A0 300dpi. If you need to print larger I can supply you with yet higher quality file or the illustrator file.

    Alternatively, print A4s at home. Which is what I did.

    Chop the latest file (300dpi A0) into A4s with “Imgsplit”.
    Print them consumer grade photo printer and put them in a folder.

    Easy to transport. Low cost.
    But a little bit is wiped out at the edges.

  • Oh yeah, material.

    I used “matte gloss” photo paper. Gloss for colour vibrance but not glossy gloss or premium gloss due to reflections being annoying in gameplay. It might also be called “satin gloss”.

    Wouldn’t bother putting it on nice big wooden board and frame that kind of thing.
    I would reserve that for really nicely done maps based on detailed real world map for example.

    Like cccasionally the continent lines hurt my eyes. So I wouldn’t bother spending $150 or something.

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