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    Just to get some cross promotion, just in case people don’t regularly check the tournament area.

    This is a pretty competitive (and fun) event, but turns are required daily.  Full rules are listed in the tournament child board.

    Sign-up is here:


  • Thanks Darth… I forgot about the site cross list…

    We need to get it posted on the main site page too!

  • Hi I’m interested in playing in the Tournament and was wondering if there were any restrictions and if not how to go about signing up. I’ve never played over email and play a couple times a month at home with friends. Not sure if you’re looking for relatively unexperienced players but I am interested in playing.

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    No restrictions I know of, just sign up in the 2008 registration thread.  It’s stickied so it should be at the top of the forum it’s listed in. (Games in Progress/Tournaments child board)

  • omg daily turns.


  • Will I get disqualified for not having daily turns?

  • Answering a few questions…

    If you go more than 24 hours more than once in a given game (or a single delay of 48 hours) you will forfeit your game (this is allowance for a possibility of a single delay of up to 7 days with advance notice and approval)

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    Just bumping this up.

    I think we need a couple more to get to 32.

  • It’s that daily turn requirement that scares me off.

    Must be that “fear of commitment” coming up again.  :wink:

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    As DM explained, it’s more of a 48 hour turn requirement.  You post a turn, your opponent has a day to respond, then you have a day to respond to him/her.

    Unless you are playing someone like me, who posts during the day, it probably won’t ever be a requirement to post every day.

  • I can’t even commit to a breakfast cereal!  Even one move a WEEK sometimes surpasses my abilities.

    That’s right, Count Chocula.  You know that box I keep in the uppermost shelf . . . it’s HONEY CLUSTERS OF OATS, there I said it.  It’s out.

    (Maury Povich):  But wait, that’s not all . . .the lie detector said . . . it’s a lie, you eat more than TEN kinds of breakfast cereal, including Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . .)

    (Count Chocula):  IT’S OVER, DO YOU HEAR ME, IT’S OVER!  (runs offstage)

    (Me):  You know I love you baby.  Now gimme some sugar.  :-D

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    With the narcotics they have me on, I’m so docile I could commit to reading War and Peace in a day, let alone a breakfast cereal. :P

    I, honestly, think it’s affecting my games too.  One of the reasons this is “screwed up, whacky-straty, strategy year” for me.

  • 2007 AAR League

    aww comeon and play brush, you will probably get into it and post more than u think, plus if you know ahead of time that some days will be tough, something can usually be worked out

  • Parings are going to be rolled shortly, but there will be 3 open slots for late registrants…

    Paint, you have nothing to lose in trying…

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