Axis and Allies CD

  • Anyone know where I can buy the Axis and Allies CD and is it any good? Have the board game but no one locally to play it. Thanks.

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    You can find it on EBay or find some one to burn a copy for you.

    As for the quality of the game, it is great to play online against real people, but the game itself has short sighted strategy and is easy to beat.

    It is fun to test Ideas for up coming board games as well.

  • The thing that irks me about this is I just saw about 5 or 6 of Axis & Allies cds in the 10 dollar bin at a Media Play about 3 months ago. You think I could find one NOW?? You can get it bundled with 3 other games. One of the games is Panzer General II, another is one of the Army Men games. I’m holding off on buying it in case I get it for Christmas. 😁 If I don’t then I’ll get it even though I really don’t want the other games, but that’s the only place I can seem to find it.


  • this will probably sound like a silly question…but here it goes anyway. Does anyone know if there is a Mac version of the CD game? I know…“Mac?”, your probably asking…but it works great for the industry that i’m in…thnx

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