Guadalcanal night action and long lance torpedos

  • **_I have played the game several times now and find that air power dominates the game to the extent, ships will stand off and not engage.  Consequently, a majority of replacement builds are aircraft.  Also, there are no provisions for two important elements of the Solomon’s campaign.  First, night combat doesn’t exist.  A majority of the ship to ship battles took place at night, while aircraft were grounded.  Second, there is no inclusion of the long lance torpedo advantage the Japanese cruisers and destroyers had.

    I plan on the following:

    Play two consecutive turns as night, where all aircraft are grounded.  Second, give Japanese CA’s and DD’s a bonus in ship to ship combat.  Perhaps a “3” becomes a “2”.

    The Americans would have to receive some balancing advantage as well.  Radar perhaps, except at that stage of the war it was not very effective or reliable.

    Has anyone considered these things and what did you come up with?

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Commander Hara_**

  • Well, I don’t think that the long lance would be that much more of an advantage to have the Japs hit on a 3 or lower. Thats is very powerful. In my experience the ships will stand off too but, battles still occur. Air power should be dominant. Fighters and Bombers become the most powerful weapons of the Navy in WWII. Night fighting is hard. It was a important part of the battle but, is hard simulate in a strategy game with each turn is more than a day.

  • Yes I agree airpower was dominant in the pacific but in this campaign the night actions should be modeled as there were so many such engagements in the slot.

    I like the idea of some sort of night rules (long lance, radar etc); I see there is an optional rule for the Japanese to use a nightfighting token but I don’t think this is what Commander Hara had in mind.

    Is there a place where these and other suggested “house” rules are being accumulated for A&AG?

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