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    For those unaware or who might not have sent in yet here is my story with getting the replacement cruisers for the miscolored ones (The US mold is in Amber and the Japan mold is in Olive) shipped in the set.

    I used the page below to search for answers on board games containing Guadalcanal. I then followed the “help system” link to send an email requesting the new units:


    I sent an email asking nicely how to get new units. Got a reply asking for my address. Sent the address and got the new boats in aprox. 14 days. They came the day after Christmas. I sent the request on the 13th.

  • Got you beat…

    Emailed on the 19th, received the replacements on the 24th!!!

    Now that’s service!

    Oh and Hi to everyone…

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Cool. That was quick.  🙂

    I wasn’t trying to brag. I was just letting everyone know my experience and that AH was following through on the promise of the corrected units.  That it needed done certainly shook my confidence that it would be done.

  • How would I know that my cruisers are mixed up?  My olive cruisers have the more rounded superstructure.  Also, the forward turrets on the olive cruiser face forward and aft, not both forward (at least that is how they appear to face).

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    Compare them to the cruiser silhouettes on page 11 of the Operations Manual.  Plus, they’re all mixed up!

  • As a matter of fact that is exactly what I did.  I went to play my study game looking at one possible Japanese response to the Santa Isabel invasion, and during the resupply phase, while deciding how I would spend the US money, I noted the silhouette didn’t match the ship.  You post is what made me think I might have the wrong ships, and I think you are correct.  Now I’ll have to ask about cruisers and red chips.  BTW, I switched out all my painted pieces from AAR with these pieces to make this more fun.  I only have to paint about half of these pieces now, but I got a lot more to paint in the AAR game.

  • This was the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. I was pretty impressed that AH had the replacements on hand and was able to send them out so quickly. I received my replacements in about a week!

  • Does the game still come with the wrong colors?

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    It’s hard to say for sure, but I imagine so, since I doubt they’ve sold out the first print run yet.  You can get replacements from Wizards customer service.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I think Krieghund is correct once again. Unless the first print run is gone the sets will likely have the incorrect units.

  • I decided to bite the bullet and buy a copy (I was gonna save money for Anniversary Edition, but I figure, I’m gonna be in the middle of a semester when that comes out, might as well get some enjoyment now!) and it did have the wrong cruisers.  Oh well, time to request reinforcements!

  • I got my replacements in about a week. Thanks for the info here!

  • Thanks for all the info,I just bought Axis and Allies Guadalcanal and it’s cool,I sent off the request for the right cruisers last night and I got a reply this morning.

  • Well,I’m happy, :-)I just got the email saying that the right cruisers are in the mail,not even 24 hours after contacting them and it’s in the mail on the way.Nice. 😄

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