Love AA revised, which game should I get next? Pacific, Bulge, Europe, D-Day

  • Sorta want the ability to play with 3 people.

    Leaning toward pacific but heard it gets boring quickly once you “figure it out”.

    Thoughts?  Help me choose.

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    Get Milton Bradley edition then Pacific, then Europe.

    If you get Europe you need to give the Soviets a couple of tanks or restrict German tank production

  • I’d say Europe too

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    Well if the play with three people is a  must D-Day and BOTB and Guadalcanal are out. D-Day as US and Brits and Axis but the Brits and US each move as the Allies. BOTB and Guadalcanal are straight up two player games.

    I really like BOTB.

    I have not played Guadalcanal yet but it seems like fun. D-day and BOTB have reinforcement charts but G’canal allows you to determine your own reinforcements more like the global or entire theatre games.

    Frankly it is really apples and oranges s to me but I don’t think I could go back to Classic after Revised.

    If you look to the articles or strategies sections from the main page you will find Saburo Sakai’s Pacific essays. Read those and if you are still leaning to Pacific or it seems like it might be boring quickly you will no whether to go with it or research one of the other games.

    D-Day is fast. BOTB is a little longer but has combat and movement like none of the other games and the aspect of supply management is great. Too soon to be informative on G’Canal but it seems like logistics will be important if not more so than picking the right fights. These games are best as two player though.

    Europe is, I think, closest to Revised and probably best for a three player game. Pacific is cool because of the Victory points and spending 70 or so IPCs every turn with the US and is also three player.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either Europe or Pacific if three player is important to you. Just my $0.02.  🙂

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