• i ve seen that some poor people in USA are forming ˝a tent settlement˝
    and its said that this years  ˝bonus˝ wages for the same sector of USA economy whose decline force them to this step( ˝tent settlement˝) will be 50 billion dollars

    i would like to hear it from the ground

    since the media in my country is leaning towards left, and Bush is right so

    and hope this isnt politics, i mentioned Bush but i think its not politics

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    this is political discussion.

  • Not necessarily…  It can be handled in a social context…

    The topic will be watched for PD violations.

  • 😮
    I have not heard of this tent city. Where is it? I may have to move in there soon, if I can afford it that is.
    I hope they got cable there, cuz I really need cable to use my computer. 😛

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    Unless someone finds a link from a reputable news source with this story, i’m going to have to chalk it up to typical media propaganda to achieve a political, social or economic agenda.

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    I read the story … I’ll look for the link.

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    As I suspected, this has nothing to do with the housing mess.  As the article clearly points out, none of the people present are present because of sub-prime loans or foreclosures.  These are individuals who were already homeless and are just congregating in a centralized area, probably for mutual protection like the hobos of old.

    It’s a shame, but I think the article missed a lot of the free hand outs that are still given in this country.  There’s plenty of homeless shelters (but hey, it’s S. California,it never rains or snows there anyway, why get a shelter when you can sleep out?) and plenty of soup kitchens.  Hunting wild goose for dinner is also extremely easy as we’re literally overwhelmed with geese, so these people only go hungry as long as they choose too.  Also, each and every state has an employment office where they will literally teach you how to bathe and shave if they have too, to help you find a job.  They have jobs posted on the walls for both skilled and unskilled labor and they have suits for you to borrow for interviews if you need it.

    Failing that, if you want to stay off the government radar, you can always pick up a trick or two from the illegals.  Work for cash and stand out front of Home Depot.

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