• Anyone see the preview for this movie. It looks good. It really makes the other batman movies look dumb.

    Brokeback Joker.

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    Yea, I want to see the movie, but partially because they shut down part of Chicago to film it and that annoyed me. :P

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    michael keaton was way better.  he made batman a sick twisted figure, who’s brain is perverse.  thats the way batmans supposed to be.  that and he killed people.  and how can you beat jack as the joker.  or devito’s role as penguin.  they’re both fantastic.

  • @balungaloaf:

    michael keaton was way better.

    Christian Bale was 10 times better.

  • Yeah, the old batman movies seem really pathetic now. But Jack Nicholson was perfect as the Joker, they better get somebody good to fill his shoes.

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    I think the new Batman is the best so far.  Batman is supposed to be like one step away from being a criminal himself.  Very violent, very twisted and very intelligent and devious.  He’s not supposed to be happy and friendly and get along with his co-workers.  In fact, he’s not even supposed to be likable.  Criminals aren’t afraid of his costume, they’re afraid he might just let them die instead of turning them over to the friendly police.

    However, Jack did a good job as Joker.

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    keaton plays batman the way he SHOULD be from the comics.  EDIT

    batman is supposed to be a psychotic killer.  who just happens to kill bad people.  keaton does this the best.

    bale plays the character as someone who goes out and tries to find purpose and becomes a ninja, THEN batman.

    the way it should be is he decides to become batman, then trains.  like the comics. and batman never got his sh*t from the government either, so morgan freeman wasnt needed.

    as the penguin tells batman, you’re a freak……you just dont like me b/c you have to wear a mask.  and batman says you’re right.

    how are old batmans pathetic.  the only ones that suck are with kilmer and clooney.

    does anyone remember that batman in those movies actually murdered people?  anyone?  thats the way batman is in the darkhorse comics.  an evil man.  keaton came the closest in the first batman, then lightened up a little in batman returns.  and keaton plays a CRAZIER batman than bale any day.

    EDIT    they cant make good movies anymore.  the directors and actors arent as good as the 80’s through 90’s.  and wont be.  b/c people like yourselves actually like new movies.  which are usually talentless, with the few execptions.

    You can disagree with out name calling, next time I’ll deleate the whole post… df

  • well, since I have only read the df edited reply, I’ll answer accordingly.  :wink:

    I agree that keaton did a fine job. Yet you are only referring to the original DC Batman’s. There were other comics which told a different version of Batman.

    Besides, do you enjoy movies like AVP? AVP started up in Dark Horse Comics and it is NOTHING like the movie. Should we rip the characters in that movie for not playing their part as they should have been played? No.

    It is just another artist’s rendition on how a cast should be on a film. Your opinion: Keaton is better. My opinion: Bale is better. I wonder what the opinion of the masses is. Could be either…. or it could be Val Kilmor.  :-P :lol: :-P :?

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    Morgan Freeman worked for Batman’s company, not the government.  Did you even WATCH the movie?

    As for him becoming a Ninja to become Batman, again, did you WATCH the movie?  He was taken from prison, adopted into a fraternity, learned the skills of a ninja, which Batman uses as Batman, and then leaves because he wants to do things his own way.  Very Batman like.  Batman is not a team player, he’s a sadistic, maniac who happens to enforce the law because it’s more of a challenge to catch the bad guys then to hurt the good guys.

    The Batmans of the 90s were okay.  Better then Adam West, but not as good as the new one.

  • Dang Jen… I almost agreed all the way through your post.

    Adam West kicks ass! 8-)

  • No matter what you may think of Adam West…
    He certainly had THE best Batmobile!  :-)

  • I just saying that the Christan Bale Batman movies have a gritty, down to earth, feel that Tim Burtons wacking, cartoonie, moives just didn’t have. They were dark, perhaps, but in a very wonking why. There was nothing wrong with the actors or the acting in Burton’s films.

    As far as the Joker goes…Jack Nicholson was fine as the Joker. Jack Nicholson is a great actor. However, the Joker shouldn’t be fat, short and in his 50’s. The Joker should be able to “go” with Batman in a fight, not put on some glasses and and make wisecracks as Batman throws him around.

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    I disagree.  Jack did a splendid Joker.  It’s not his fault the director and script writers did only an adequate job.  But then again, I watched him in One Flew Over the Coocoo’s Nest so I can believe him as someone who’s insane. :P

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    but he’s not insane in that movie.

  • @balungaloaf:

    but he’s not insane in that movie.

    That just goes to show how good of an actor he really is! :|

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    but he’s not insane in that movie.

    You don’t think he was insane in that movie?  I think he was, he just didn’t know it himself.  Opinion.

  • Yeah, it looks awesome, my Bio teacher plays a cop in this movie

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