Original game - Gotterdammerung?

  • I’m playing axis and it’s Germany’s turn.

    EE - 13inf, 8 armor, 5ftr, 1 bomber
    Fin - 3inf, 1 armor
    Ukraine -  2inf

    Kerelia - 27inf, 4 armor, 1ftr, 1 bomber, 1AA

    Should I go for it!?

    Other factors: Russia has almost nothing to counter - 1inf in Cauc and 1 armor in Russia.
                        The Brits have 2inf and 3 armor in GB with 4 trans and an AC in the GBsz.
                        The Yanks have 3inf and 1 armor in WE with 3 trans in the WEsz.
                        The Yanks also have 1 tran and a couple of tanks and inf. in EUS.
                        Germany has 10inf in Germany.
                        It may be 3 or 4 more turns ( 2 if I’m lucky) before Japan is knocking on Russia’s door.

  • What do you mean?
    Are you saying you want to attack Karelia?

    Whats in Archangel, Belorussia and West Russia?

  • Do it! Fortune favors the bald……or is it bold?

  • I didn’t do it, but I won the game.

    Tekkyy, not playing the revised game.

  • sorry I was so confused lol

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