Download links for the latest AAM Modules

  • For those wanting to play AAM via Play-by-Post or Play-by-Email, here are the MapView module download links.

    These modules do not yet have all the units available from the 6 sets.  If there is a unit you need, please post a request in the appropriate thread in this forum.

    The current module versions are v1.11

    Standard map configurations:

    Scenario map configurations:

    _The files can be downloaded to any temporary location and then “installed” by going to the Tools menu within MapView.  Alternatively for thoose who are more computer skilled, these files can downloaded directly to your “usermods” directory. _

    You’ll need MapView version 1.3.20 or higher to use these.

    The new install for this version of MapView can be found here:

    If you already have a version of MapView already, and you have other PBEM modules installed, be aware that you will need to migrate them to this new version.  This can be done by using the Tools menu in MapView and navigating to your old Modules and Usermods directory to import them.

    You do NOT need to register your copy of MapView to use these modules.

    I look forward to seeing you all in the Play-By-Forum section soon!

    Happy Gaming!

  • Updated 1/10/2008:

    Added Blackshirts

    Updated 1/12/2008:

    Added a Covering Fire icon
    Punched up some of the arrow colors
    Added Calvarymen icon

    Updated 2/16/2008:

    Added the Quad 50

    Updated 2/20/2008:

    Released the “versioned” modules (these can exist side-by-side with the original ones)
    Added the M36 MGC
    Added the Elite Panzer IV D

    Updated 2/23/2008 (version 1.01):

    Kuomintang Machine-Gun Team
    Kuomintang Officer
    Kuomintang Rifleman
    T-26 Series 1933
    Antitank Grenadier
    R-2 LT-35
    Char B1-bis
    SNLF Fanatics

    Updated 2/29/2008 (version 1.02):

    Wehrmacht Veteran Infantry
    Buffalo Soldiers
    Defiant Paratroopers

    Updated 3/2/2008 (version 1.03):

    Panzer IV Ausf. F2

    Updated 3/6/2008 (version 1.04):

    Scenario Map Added - It Makes One Cry

    Updated 3/10/2008 (version 1.05):

    Scenario Map Added - Come Out & Fight!
    Corrected the “click region” of the damaged counter.

    Updated 3/21/2008 (version 1.06):

    Scenario Maps Added - Shoot the Gap, Caught in the Crossfire, and Maleme Airfield.

    Special thanks to Cobalt.  All of the scenarios have been provided by him

    Updated 3/27/2008 (version 1.07):

    Veteran SMLE Rifleman
    Universal Carrier
    Inspiring Hero
    Grizzled Veteran
    Sd Kfz 250
    Bren Machine Gunner
    Communist Partisans
    BMW R75
    Messerschmitt ME 110
    Luftwaffe Infantrymen
    40mm Bofors L60
    Junkers JU 87G Stuka

    Just call this on the Cobalt release.  He converted all of these units!

    Updated 5/12/2008 (version 1.08):

    Messerschmitt Bf109E
    Semovente 90/53
    Tank Obstacle

    Special thanks to dezrtfish for most of these ones!

    Updated 5/14/2008 (version 1.09):

    Barbed Wire

    Updated 5/20/2008 (version 1.10):

    Bold Captain
    Lebel 86M93 Grenadier
    20mm Flak 38
    Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind
    Japdpanzer IV/48
    Sd Kfz 234/2 ‘Puma’
    StuG III Ausf. D
    Brixia M35 45mm Mortar
    Stalwart Lieutenant
    Mitsubishi A6M Zero
    Type 87 Armored Car
    Type 89A Chi-Ro

    This is the next batch of units from both dezrtfish and der kommander

    Updated 6/11/2008 (version 1.11):

    This one is the mother-load, thanks to DK for assembling the XML files for me and everyone for contributing images!

    Soviet Grenadiers
    82mm PM-37
    BM-13 Katyusha
    Cossack Cavalry
    Red Army Forward Observer
    Gurkha Rifleman
    FO Jeep
    Hunting Sniper
    M26 Pershing
    M4A3(105) Sherman
    Marine Rifleman
    P-51D Mustang
    Bohler AT Gun
    Vigilant Lieutenant
    8mm Huzagol
    377mm Light Gun
    Tenacious Officer
    Turan I
    Degtyrav DP-27
    Soviet M3 Lee
    Ammo Dump
    Fuel Depot
    Type-97 AT Gun
    Azad Hind Fauj
    Type-3 Chi-Nu
    Gloster Meteor
    M22 Locust
    Intrepid Hero
    Entrenched AT Gun
    French Resistance Fighter
    Stalwart Hero
    Polish Mauser
    Determined Infantryman
    Panzerjager Bren 731e
    M20 Recoiless Rifle
    Nebelwerfer 42
    Dornier Do
    Panther Ausf D
    Pzkpfw 38t
    Sd Kfz 303 Goliath
    Volksstrum Infantry
    Werewolf Partisans
    M4 T-34 Sherman Calliope
    F4U Corsair
    M8 Greyhound
    Thompson Gunner
    Eagle-Eyed NCO
    Higgins Boat
    M16 Half-Track
    Hawker Typhoon
    Lockheed Lightning
    Supermarine Spitfire
    Sandbagged MG Team
    GE 81mm
    US 81mm
    Resourceful Hero
    Hero of the SU
    Honor Bound Hero
    Fortress Defender
    Concealed Forward Observer
    Disciplined Spotter
    Canadien Infantryman
    Free French Infantryman
    Sherman DD
    Sherman Firefly VC
    Churchill AVRE
    Veteran Tiger
    Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer
    M7 Priest
    MK.VII Tetrarch
    M3 Half-Track
    Sd Kfz 250
    88mm Flak
    Bren Gunner (Updated)
    Inspiring Hero (Updated)
    Grizzled Vet (Updated)
    Luftwaffe Inf. (Updated)
    Communist Partisans (Updated)
    Stalwart Lieutenant (Updated)
    Veteran SMLE (Updated)
    SNLF Paratroopers (Updated)
    Ho-Ni (Updated)
    Te-Ke Tankette (Updated)

  • 2007 AAR League

    Mot, I downloaded the new maps, but I don’t see the new units.  😐  What am I doing wrong? :?

  • Make sure you have the latest version of MapView.  (When MapView starts and looks for all of the modules available, it checks a field inside the modules called “minimum MapView version” and if a module was designed for a newer version of MapView than you have, it gets skipped).

    Secondly, these new modules should site side-by-side with the old ones.  So if you have the old AAMini modules and the new ones, you’ll have 12 icons in the New Game screen.  Make sure you select the ones with the version stamp in the name to see the new units.

    Hope that helps!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Two questions:  (1) is there a higher version than 1.3.20? and (2) what do I do if I already deleted the old map files?

  • 1.3.20 is the latest publicly-available version.

    You can download all 12 modules (new and old) above and then you should be set.  They need to go into the “UserMods” folder OR alternatively, you can download them o a temp folder or the desktop and then use the Tools menu in MapView to install them.


  • I see what you mean Mot, but how do we get the units on our mapview modules.  Do we have to update when you bring new units into play? :?
    I do see all the current new units and they are on all my modules.
    I’m thinking we should be playing only with the maps with the version stamped on.

  • Whenever I update the modules, I’ll post the version number.  Use that to make sure you and/or your opponent are on the latest build.  There should be no need to use the old modules anymore.


  • I yanked them, I saw that magic-disappearing unit thing some people reported.  I need to investigate.  Check back tomorrow.


    Alright, they are back.  I had tried to view a couple of the active games and thats when that funny behavior happened.  Some of you are still using the old pre-version-number modules  :?  Everyone needs to complete whatever game they are using the old ones for and then delete the modules.

  • These are great updates MOT. I’m sorry I took so long to download them and I hope I haven’t screwed up any games with previous oppoenents by having an older module version.

  • yeah boy new units.
    Great work Mot

  • Scenerio Maps…. COOL

  • Mot going back to your question about organizing the units, I’m pretty sure now that listing the units by point value from lowest to highest under the countries would work great.  The more units you add the tougher it’s going to be to locate them to start up the games.

  • @Half-Track:

    Mot going back to your question about organizing the units, I’m pretty sure now that listing the units by point value from lowest to highest under the countries would work great.  The more units you add the tougher it’s going to be to locate them to start up the games.

    The problem with that is WotC is going to continue to recost units as they re-release them, and I don’t feel like yo-yoing the units up and down in the list.  But I will give it some additional thought, as tht is how I organize my stat cards at home (lowest to highest).

  • We’re doing fine so far…
    I wish I could help out here but I’m kinda a computer idiot.
    But I do offer good competition and jokes…  I think

  • your jokes aren’t any better

  • Just downloaded and put the first two North Africa scenario mods in the appropriate MapView folder. Wanted to let you all know that “It Makes One Cry” does not show up in the New Game Window. “Come Out & Fight” does load in the New Game Window, but when you open it, it loads the “It Makes One Cry” map.

  • I noticed that too.  :?

  • Let me check this out, hold on…

    Corrected.  It was a simple careless mistake on my part.

  • bump

  • '19 Moderator

    Sweet new maps

  • Way to go Cobalt…
    The 40mm Bofors… Wow :evil:

  • Now we’re cookin!!!  Thanks Colbalt.

  • MOT, when you have a chance, would you please replace the bold red text that says: The current version is v1.07 with an actual link to the latest MapView version at the begining of this post? I can’t find the v1.07 on your MapView web site. Thanks!

  • I edited the text to make it more clear.

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