Axis Road to Economic Parity - Unlikely

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    Honestly, if I go to Hawaii, which I have been lately, it’s been Australia to New Zealand to Hawaii.  Then I can hit W. USA if it’s available, or land in Buryatia next round.

    Wake is normally picked up on Round 2 then, at the same time as Okinawa.

  • My experience with pushing hard on Russia is that you can’t pull them off of Germany even with the extra transport of gear, so I am content to do the slower but stronger build up.

    How about with 2 extra tran of gear? The thresh-hold is very quickly reached where you are able to take Novo/Kaz, and 4 units can tip it in that direction. The instant you reach kaz/novo Russia can no longer ignore you, and 4 units can easily make a turn or two of difference which gets you those IPCs.

  • When Japan reaches Novo in enough strength to hold: buy factory and turn 2 arty right on Moscow’s doorstep ! Much more effective than 3 tanks in factories 2 turns away…

  • :roll:
    Japan certainly has to do a lot very quickly to help the cause, ( Axis Parity). That means they have to have enough transports to reach all the critical targets.
    I have had good results with the bid buy going to Japan for the sole purpose of getting an early transport. I use it with the transport in Japan to invade Hawaii on J1!
    Then it’s off to Australia and NZ on J2. USA will have to build heavy in L.A. on USA1, (which is good for Germany). I’ve also gone to Brazil on J3 with one tp and caused the USA to divert it’s Africa shuck for a couple of turns. IMHO every little bit helps. I usually build up to 8 transports. It keeps the USA looking over their shoulder, waiting for me to shift gears back over the pond. 😮

  • Curious Mazer, why only total of 4 transports? Since 2 are pretty much permanently away on pirate business, that means you have 4 spots that you can open up from Japan by purchasing 2 tp. That seems a better deal than buying a complex, which would only open up 3 spots. That’s why I assumed you get 6 tps, so you have 4 tps using up the 8 slots on Japan while the other 2 are raiding IPCs.

    I think I’d be happy with 6 tps 2 complexes (78 IPCs infrastructure to open up 14 slots, meaning 10 inf 4 arm per round at 50 IPC income) instead of 4 complexes 4 tps (92 IPCs infrastructure open up 16 slots; you could fill that with 15 inf 1 arm at 50 IPC income). In both cases I know 2 of the tps are off raiding, but it seems like too much infrastructure with the 4 complexes and also you’re opening up slots you can’t even fill with offensive gear anymore.

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