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  • Got a question IL, I’ve slowly looked at maps and such of europe, but almost every one, has the countrys like morroco, algeria, tunisia, and libya. So who do you have controling these areas? I’m trying to make a version with AAE including japan peices.

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    morroco, algeria, tunisia, and libya.

    they didn’t exist during 1805-1815. The older former nations on my map were quasi-independent peoples. Egypt was under British protectorate after Napoleons failure in 1798-1800.

    They can be captured but offer 1 point production. England has a multiplier of 3 (each original red territory is worth 3 points) The points are used to tally production points and build forces.

  • Thanks, I guess I could sort of count them as nuetral or something, or only have 1inf and no IC and worth no IPCs…make it pointless to invade. Right now I’m just sort of spliting some terirtories in half and making new IPC values. If you could please, when I’m done sence you probly are more experienced with the idea, to tell me what should be inproved?

    So far, the countrys are Great Britian, Russia, and minnor Allies (scicily, sardinia, kingdom of sweden, portugual) V.S. Austrian Empire/minnor Allies and France. I can only have 5 countrys at once.

    Yours didn’t have an America did it, I’m just leaving it nuetral till I can figure out some kind of rules for 1812 war.
    Ottomans are nuetral, and Spain starts nuetral, but I’ll figure ways for it to be able to enter the war.

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    I am working on a linkable ‘war for independence’ game to go with Risk: Napoleon Edition using my basic rules under board game geek under the same game.

    I can see what you created once your finished. Check your spelling on the map so its professional.

  • Yeah I know, I’ll do a better job when I’m done, which should be mabye a few more days. Still need to think of some rules.

    One thing, can’t decide, were should the french fleet be, english channel, bay of biscay, or split it up between the two?

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    In 1805 the french fleet was preparing for an invasion of england. It was in Boulogne

    other fleets are in Marseilles and Cadiz off of Spain

  • Thanks, I’ll switch some of that around then. Right now I’m making the basic rules for the game.

    French Empire and Russian Empire: Russian Winter: From the start of the game, the Imperials have a total of
    ____ turns to take the Petrograd capitol(leningrad). If they fail to take it in that time period, this rule takes into effect for ____ truns.

    Could you help me fill in the blanks?

  • Shwew! You must have you hands full when trying to make all your different maps.  😉 Well, I’m done with the rules after like 5 hours on Microsoft Word.  :lol: Besides the Russian Winter, I can’t think of anymore new rules to add to the game. After the rules are settled, then I’ll start on what units, where, and how many.

    Just for now,Great Britian controls London, Scottland, iceland, Canada, Giblitar, Malta, Eygpt, Palistine, Saudi Arabia, Yugo, N Uk5 convoy, S US convoy, N UK3 convoy. Russian has all red areas, Baltic States, and Finland. Allies have Portugual, Kingdoms of Sweden, Sardinia, Scicly, and S UK3 convoy.
    France has…France, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, West Germany, East Poland, and S UK5 convoy. Austria/Prussia has Austria, Hungary, Chez, Poland, and East Germany.
    US has East US, and Mid-West.
    Spain has Madrid, N Spain, and Morroco.
    Ruogh Draft Rules as fallow

  • Sorry about the unit parts, graphs wont copy from Microsoft word to here.  😛


    1-5 players
    Allies: Great Britain, Russian Empire, and Minor Allies (Portugal, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Sardinia, and Kingdom of Sicily )

    Imperials: French Empire (France, Kingdom of Denmark and Norway, Confederation of The Rhine, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Naples, and a possibility of Spain),
    Austrian Empire/Prussia, and United States (See War of 1812 rules)

    Neutrals: Ottoman Empire, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya

    Tan=Great Britain
    Red=Russian Empire
    Minor Allies=Orange

    Green=French Empire
    Black=Austrian Empire/Prussia and United States


    Unit and their Costs:
    Unit Type            Cost        Movement          Attack Value    Defense Value
    Infantry                  3                 1                            1*                        2
    Calvary                   4                 2                            2                          2
    Artillery                   6                 1                            3                          3
    Fortification            10                1                            0                         +1
    Transport               10               1                            0                          1
    Destroyer               14                1                             3                        3
    Battleship               20                1                           4                          4

    Works the same as AAE. US Convoy 6 and SU convoy are inactive

    Supported Infantry:
    Infantry of any country can be supported. When supported, the attack value  goes from 1 to 2. They can be supported by Artillery from land or sea, and/or Battleships for the first battle phase if that infantry unit is performing an Amphibious attack in the same sea zone.
    AAE Rules applies to Bombardment too.

    Ports are a safe haven for ships. When building a ship, you must first place it in a port under your control before sending it out to sea. If a territory is captured and has enemy ships in the territories port, they are automatically scuttled. A ship may also go into a port from the sea.

    Special Rules:

    Country invlolved: Name of Rule: Discription

    Russian Empire: Scorched Earth Tactics: The Russian player may destroy any number of it’s own territory’s IPC value that is bordering an enemy territory after it collects income. In order to do this, the player must retreat all of it’s units from that territory before destroying it. Any unit left in that territory when destroyed, also gets destroyed.

    French Empire and Russian Empire: Russian Winter: From the start of the game, the Imperials have a total of 8 turns to take the Russian Capitol (Petrograd). If they fail to do this, this rule takes into effect for 4 turns in original Russian territories. All Imperial infantry and Calvary  get -1 on attack and defense values, and all Artillery get -2 in attack and -1 in defense values. All Russian land units in and/or attacking a original Russian territory get a +1 attack and defense value.

    United States and Great Britain: War of 1812:  US pieces are represented as Black pieces. They are Neutral unless Declared war on by Great Britain only. Until they are at war, their ships may not move from the Eastern US Coast. Also until at war, they are working on ½ of their IPCs (rounded up). If the British can’t take America within the first 6 turns of war, then they automatically must declare peace, and the war is over.

    Allies and Imperials: Spanish Intervention: Spain is represented as black pieces. At the beginning, Spain is neutral. From the start of the game, all Spanish territory’s IPCs are given to France and has access to it’s ports. Spain has ½ IPCs until at war. In order for the Allies to stop this, they must either block the flow by taking France, Vichy France, and blockading all of Frances Ports. Blockading  all Spain’s ports leads to automatic war. Or declaration of war on Spain. When/if Spain enters the war, all territories, units, and forts owned by Spain, now belong to the French Empire.

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    Before you post make sure all grammar issues are resolved. That last post had like 40 spelling errors.

    AA: Napoleonic Wars is the correct spelling to get you started.

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    I had no idea you were taking the AAE map and actually using it to conform to a Napoleonic game. LMFAO!!!

    where do i start…

    unit values ok, except they didn’t have “destroyers” and “Battleships”

    French are blue, Russian are green

    Use my map for Risk: Napoleon Edition under boardgamegeek.com

    the download is free.

    get some risk pieces… I am beginning to think your actually using Axis and Allies pieces for this thing and thats not gonna work for anybody.

    forget about convoys… no convoys in these days… ships raided and were raided on the high seas.

    take a look at Victory II and buy a set of pieces for the 6 player version.

    you cant just whip up games by clicking your heals… it takes months to get something good.

    Get some books from the library, or if you hate to read, buy some documentary on Napoleon. it may give you inspiration… the only problem is hes french so i doubt it.

  • …wow…thats why it had an E in the AA.  :lol: It doesn’t look anything like the AAE map that you might know though, awhile ago I decided to split alot of places in half or more to make it more interesting.  US, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Finland, Karilia, Siberia, Russia, Belorussian, Turkistan, Ukraine, and Caucaus has been all split in two. Turkey and Spain/Portugual is now in 3 instead of 1 too. I did it with a permanent marker (IPCs switched around too) I did my best to not make ugly marks, and it looks perty good, the lines look like they came with the board.

    Yea, I am using risk peacies actualy, alittle odd with tanks rolling around. Only Problom is those little inf men trying to stand right on those big chips. The onyl AA peices I’m using are the inf, ICs, and AAs

    What did you think I was trying to make the game from, AAR? lol

    No DD and BB? I didn’t know what to call them. I knew they had smaller and larger ships for battle though.

    I don’t, I just for some reason I should use convoys. Probly jsut on the fact that their there.  😛

    I’ve got the board set up with the units on it and such (to see what it’d look like) and it looks good. I’ll redo it a few times with all risk peices.

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    for ships you got

    Ship of the line which could be like battleships
    and Frigates which are smaller vessels.

    I would have only one hit ships, with SOTL with double firepower as frigates

    Fire ships were used as well. look them up. Essentially a frigate was lighted on fire and sailed into a fleet of enemy ships and they would catch on fire. Perhaps they could be like AA guns ( each enemy ship that rolls a 6 is sunk) the sender loses his frigate ( like a kamikaze is guess)

    You would be better off drawing the map on a large poster board. trace one first in sections, then color them in. Get a map of Europe 1805 or something.

    To get some ideas look up Asten Games… this guy did a civil war game and draw the map with crayons. just take your time. don’t think this takes 5 minutes to do. You are wasting your time if you have that opinion.

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    French are blue, Russian are green

    I think in my game I will use that Purpleish magenta color from Risk for the french :evil:

  • Theres purple in risk!?

    The large problom I have is time, Finals are finaly over for school, but just as bad if not worst, 2nd Semester has started, which means large projects for us. I slack even alittle now, I’ll be playing catch up till June.

    I screwed with the colors, and it works out better with six instead of 5 colors, but I only have 5 matching ship colors. I had to use green for blue france, anything else doesn’t work. Red has to be Russia, I don’t have enough Soviet ships to satisfy the other large country’s navys. Green is now the US.

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    france blue
    USA white
    England red
    Prussia Black
    Russia Green
    Ottoman Brown
    Austria Grey
    Spain yellow
    Confed. of Rhine Blue

    Repaint what you got you will thank me latter.


    here is a link for some basic rules… start here and make it your own.

    Print out the map and throw away the AAE map. That wont help you in this.

    You probably could play tonight if you get busy. My system has been playtested.

  • petrograd was not called petrograd until world war one. It was still st. petersburg. and Napoleon never tried to take petrograd but aimed for moscow. There is a quote by napoleon( having trouble refinding the source even though i just saw it today) that goes something like this. I’ll take russia by the feet if i take kiev, if st. petersburg then the head and if moscow then the heart. So napoleon had really 3 goals he good of aim for and he amied for moscow. you want to represent this in your game so you could take either of the 3 cities.

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    During French innvasion Napoleon said: “If I’ll capture Kiev, I’ll take Russia by it’s feet, if I’ll capture Petersburg, I’ll take it by it’s head and if I’ll capture Moscow, I’ll destroy it’s heart”.


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