• …it used to be just happyness for a while, then I relized it was wrong and tried to change it, and I never deleted the y and just added the i.  :oops:  :oops:

  • @Imperious:


    You mean like this one?

    That was done two years ago-

    And its “Axis and Allies:Napoleonic Wars” not AANeploleonic

    I can’t find anything that says the price for that game, what is it?

  • Its $150.00 cost is mostly printing for the 4x3 foot map printed on vinyl and mounted on 1/4 inch styrene plastic sheets

    it wont bend or get stained… you can walk on it like a tile in your kitchen.

  • ……uummmmm, is there any way to not have all that on it…mabye make it alittle less pricey?

    Not that I’d buy it any time soon, right now I’m about $150 away from getting a PS3.

  • Then save your money and download my free version on the previous posts.

    I guess i can print it out on my 13x19 large format printer, but it will be like normal maps ( not very good) and cost you about $60.00. You would have to tape sections together.

    whichever you prefer is fine.

    I can tell you my game is very good.

  • It looks perty interesting. Like I said, I don’t have the money right now, but mabye in the future. I’ll try and remember it.  :-D

  • Are you going borderless with on your 13x19 printer, Imperious Leader?

    I do borderless on my cheap A4 printer and can’t get it precise so I lose bits. I am too lazy to trim so I do borderless. :wink:
    I then put the 16 A4 pages (for A0 size) in sleeves and put them in a folder for transport.

    Works out about $20.

    Maybe Gewehr you can do that first and fork out $150 later.

  • Yes i do border less set on poster mode. I cut off any excess so it mates exactly.

    I print on 9.6 mil 65 lbs canon photo paper which comes to about 10 sheets $22.00

    plus about 15 bucks in ink costs for my Canon 9900i printer…rest is built in aggravation costs

  • Imperious, is there somewhere to see the rules for your Napoleonic wargame?

  • I guess not

  • heres a random page:

    1.4 Turn details:
    1.4a Playing event cards:
    Your event card can be played in any manner which best creates the maximum advantage for the player. With each card you follow the instructions and not every card will help you, while others may affect the other player.

    Next each player rolls the following dice according to this schedule:

    The Imperial Player plays first and receives the following activations:
    France: 20
    Spain and Confederation of the Rhine: 6

    The Coalition plays second and receives the following activations:
    Great Britain:  6
    Russia: 6
    Austrians:  6
    Prussia: 4
    Ottoman: 4

    1.5 player action allocations:
    Players now draw colored blocks equal to each nation’s activations. Each block has two sides which indicate either a movement or combat allocation. Each time a player uses these blocks they are placed with the leader to note how many actions that leader has undertaken. A leader can never take on more allocations as his leadership rating and further each additional allocation on the same leader costs one additional point. For example: Napoleon is used to move his army twice and conduct two combat actions. Thus he has used 1+2+3+4= 10 allocations out of Frances total this turn.
        For example: the Imperial player activates Napoleon for movement and combat, then the Coalition player decides that the British player will activate Wellington for similar actions.
        The Imperial player always starts with the first action in any event. The player who has less actions to allocate has specific options as follows: 1) He may take a pass option and force the other player to perform a double allocation and 2) He may himself take a double allocation. The player with fewer player actions can never allow more than two consecutive pass or double actions unless he’s out of player actions completely. If both players end up with the same number of allocations the Imperial player is awarded the options.
        Player actions consist of the following types of items that can be performed during the turn:

    1. Movement allocation: activate a Military Leader and move your army into one enemy controlled territory (unoccupied or occupied) or if using an Admiral you move your fleet up to three sea zones.
    2. Combat allocation: attack enemy units into their territory/sea zone you moved into. Landing units during sea invasions constitute a combat allocation.
    3. Redeployment allocation: Activate a leader and either move units toward this leader (e.g. Rally) or move the forces within your controlled territories in any manner of your choosing.
      One General or Admiral is required to activate your forces. Your forces do not move without a leader. A General can only lead an army of his own kind, while an Admiral can lead a fleet of ships from different nations.

    All players on the same side move and conduct all other turn functions together. Once both sides have no further allocations to make then they perform turn phases 3-5 in sequence with the Imperial player performing this first. Each player of the alliance then tallies up his total value of his territories and makes his purchases. Each nation counts his controlled territories and adjusts his Production Point (PP) total based on each nations production multiplier value ( see section 5.0 Determine Production totals).All units take one turn to build. Ground forces are placed in your home nations in any manner you choose. Naval vessels can only be built in friendly ports in home nations.
      At the end of each complete game turn the Imperial and Coalition player representative now draws one event card for use on its following turn. They also determine their production point (PP) totals for the following turn and this is either given to the player in the form of play money or written down.

  • Thanks

  • Got a question IL, I’ve slowly looked at maps and such of europe, but almost every one, has the countrys like morroco, algeria, tunisia, and libya. So who do you have controling these areas? I’m trying to make a version with AAE including japan peices.

  • morroco, algeria, tunisia, and libya.

    they didn’t exist during 1805-1815. The older former nations on my map were quasi-independent peoples. Egypt was under British protectorate after Napoleons failure in 1798-1800.

    They can be captured but offer 1 point production. England has a multiplier of 3 (each original red territory is worth 3 points) The points are used to tally production points and build forces.

  • Thanks, I guess I could sort of count them as nuetral or something, or only have 1inf and no IC and worth no IPCs…make it pointless to invade. Right now I’m just sort of spliting some terirtories in half and making new IPC values. If you could please, when I’m done sence you probly are more experienced with the idea, to tell me what should be inproved?

    So far, the countrys are Great Britian, Russia, and minnor Allies (scicily, sardinia, kingdom of sweden, portugual) V.S. Austrian Empire/minnor Allies and France. I can only have 5 countrys at once.

    Yours didn’t have an America did it, I’m just leaving it nuetral till I can figure out some kind of rules for 1812 war.
    Ottomans are nuetral, and Spain starts nuetral, but I’ll figure ways for it to be able to enter the war.

  • I am working on a linkable ‘war for independence’ game to go with Risk: Napoleon Edition using my basic rules under board game geek under the same game.

    I can see what you created once your finished. Check your spelling on the map so its professional.

  • Yeah I know, I’ll do a better job when I’m done, which should be mabye a few more days. Still need to think of some rules.

    One thing, can’t decide, were should the french fleet be, english channel, bay of biscay, or split it up between the two?

  • In 1805 the french fleet was preparing for an invasion of england. It was in Boulogne

    other fleets are in Marseilles and Cadiz off of Spain

  • Thanks, I’ll switch some of that around then. Right now I’m making the basic rules for the game.

    French Empire and Russian Empire: Russian Winter: From the start of the game, the Imperials have a total of
    ____ turns to take the Petrograd capitol(leningrad). If they fail to take it in that time period, this rule takes into effect for ____ truns.

    Could you help me fill in the blanks?

  • Shwew! You must have you hands full when trying to make all your different maps.  :wink: Well, I’m done with the rules after like 5 hours on Microsoft Word.  :lol: Besides the Russian Winter, I can’t think of anymore new rules to add to the game. After the rules are settled, then I’ll start on what units, where, and how many.

    Just for now,Great Britian controls London, Scottland, iceland, Canada, Giblitar, Malta, Eygpt, Palistine, Saudi Arabia, Yugo, N Uk5 convoy, S US convoy, N UK3 convoy. Russian has all red areas, Baltic States, and Finland. Allies have Portugual, Kingdoms of Sweden, Sardinia, Scicly, and S UK3 convoy.
    France has…France, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, West Germany, East Poland, and S UK5 convoy. Austria/Prussia has Austria, Hungary, Chez, Poland, and East Germany.
    US has East US, and Mid-West.
    Spain has Madrid, N Spain, and Morroco.
    Ruogh Draft Rules as fallow

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