• @ncscswitch:

    But I have replaced the system (ended up with a cheap Vista loaded unit).  The fixes that y’all were suggesting had all been tried and had no effect.

    Dude, you didn’t have to go to THAT extreme.

    We still needed to know more about your problem.  The best thing you can do is describe everything, because a million possibilities are waiting to be eliminated.  It could have been just a bad cable.



    maybe change out the Ethernet card

    Alas, it is an HP and the Ethernet connection is part of the main board, otherwise I would have gone to TigerDirect and bought a new card and slapped that puppy in months ago…

    Surely, you had a free PCI slot to drop one in?  Maybe 20 bucks for a new NIC.

  • I did do the cable.

    And I am not a patient person (like none of y’all knew that 😛 )

    So I spent $500 bucks on a modest new desktop.

    Truth be told, I already like the new system better than that HP.

    Of course now I have TWO old PC’s sitting on my office floor disconnected that I need to get pics and files off the hard drives, then rip out the HD’s and destroy them before I get rid of the systems…

  • 😛
    Switch, I had the same problems, finally broke down and got a new computer. It goes too fast sometimes! I got wiplash last nite while playing a live game!  😄
    Good luck with the old machine, but I think they are killing them with some  kind of viruses  8-) so we have to buy new ones.
      OHH no!? The system police are coming for me now, gotta hide in the matrix now! 😮

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