• To he who knocks, the door shall be opened.

    If you want good karma, post here and also give good karma to those who ask. On a regular basis. Very often. A lot!

    Pet me, the cow needs love!  :lol:

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    Trying to best Switch’s karma pool?

  • Well apparently I’m accumulating bad karma which is possibly in response to this thread : /

    Do you need some karma too Jen? I haven’t used it yet but I’m very tempted to.

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    I gave you good karma already. 😛

    Anyway, I seem to have 2-5 people who do nothing but wait for 8 hour timers to finish to give me bad karma again.  Kinda funny, really.  Since it’s JUST a number and has no real significant impact on anything.  It’s not like you lose 1 IPC in starting units for every bad karma point you have or something.

  • It’s not like you lose 1 IPC in starting units for every bad karma point you have or something.

    That’d be hilarious. You’d have -27 IPCs, what would you remove, like your battleship from SZ13 and an infantry from Midway? That wouldn’t have as humongous an impact as say removing 9 Russian inf lol!

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    Silly boy!

    Submarine from SZ 52
    2 Infantry, Fighter from China
    Infantry from Midway

    Basically, units that normally die a very bad death anyway. 😃

    But think of it.  You get to keep extra IPC based on your GOOD KARMA!

  • Yay thanks for good karma!

    And seriously what is this like a glass ceiling? Every time I get good karma, it seems like someone out there’s like “I hate bean. Me smack with bad karma.” I always seem to have 2 more bad karma points than good ones, which is really strange.

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    How you think I feel? hehe.

  • I empathize now.  😢

  • Have I finally lost the Karma lead to Jen  😢

  • Aww, Switch! You gotta start stirring up the pot for more karma. Start scandalous threads, or really good strategy threads, or really bad strategy threads to get the counter going >_>

  • I would if I could.

    That net access issue with my PC is back…  takes 5 minutes to load a page (IF it loads).  Not spyware, or virus, or anything of that sort.  Sometimes it works OK, but it has been getting worse, and now is pretty much incapable of accessing the web.  So I pretty much only post on here when I can use Angel’s PC (except to do moves, that UI still have to deal with my system).

    Unless anyone has an idea what could be causing a massive internet access speed slowdown (I have checked viruses, spyware, adware, etc.; I have stripped off all possible background programs; I have speed tested and tweek tested it… NOTHING works.  My only theory is that TIme Warner decided they only wanted 1 PC running through my connection, and since I had two hooked up, they loaded something into my system that is not being detected as spyware, etc. that has cranked my speed back to less than 1% of what it had been (I am getting speeds that are 1/4 of what I had on DIAL-UP!)

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Did you check hardware issues? The speed test sounds like you did but it is the best I have to offer.

    Pull the “modem” from Angel’s PC and swap it out in yours (if compatible) and see what happens.

  • It is my LAN port, and it is hard wired to the motherboard…

  • I really have no advice, but have you tried calling them and complaining about it? Or maybe it’s just time for a new PC? o_O

  • This one is just over a year old, but I have never really been pleased with it.

    I just don;t want to have to change to Vista…

  • And I am sorry for hijacking your thread Bean…

  • From what I hear Vista sucks.

    And I am sorry for hijacking your thread Bean…

    No worries.  8-)

  • You can still get XP, don’t go Vista yet.

    What browser are you using?  Try clearing the cache and see if that helps any.

    Is it browsing the web the only thing that is slow?  Noticed anything else going on?  Only certain sites that do it?

    Another thing to do is this:
    Go to start, click on “run.”  Type “cmd.”  This will open a command prompt.  Type “ping google.com” Let it do it’s thing.  If it responds 4 times by saying that it could not be reached or failed to respond, try typing ipconfig /release.  Then type ipconfig /renew.  This will reset your IP address, and hopefully clear up a problem if that is it.

    If you can give me more info, I can try to help.

    And maybe that is enough for some good karma.  8-)

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    That only changes the IP for your LAN. It does not change your WAN, which is what you really need to do to do it correctly.

  • @Cmdr:

    It’s not like you lose 1 IPC in starting units for every bad karma point you have or something.

    I don’t really see any point with the karma thing. 99% of all the times I did smite someone I
    have also made a reply to a post which I disagreed.
    My +/- karma doesn’t bother me actually, my game stats and my lacking playing skills bother me much more.
    If my karma statistic was equal with my 1vs 1 game record, that would hurt a lot  :roll:  😄 😛

  • @Imperious:

    That only changes the IP for your LAN. It does not change your WAN, which is what you really need to do to do it correctly.

    Not necessarily - I was assuming he was jacked straight in.  Actually, resetting the router might help (unplugging for a few minutes the power and then plugging back in), there is one.

    Switch, what is your setup like?  Do you have your internet connection coming directly to your computer, or is it going through a router and on to your and angel’s?

  • I was via a wired router.

    But I have replaced the system (ended up with a cheap Vista loaded unit).  The fixes that y’all were suggesting had all been tried and had no effect.

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    maybe change out the Ethernet card

  • @Imperious:

    maybe change out the Ethernet card

    Alas, it is an HP and the Ethernet connection is part of the main board, otherwise I would have gone to TigerDirect and bought a new card and slapped that puppy in months ago…

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