• This is, as most of you know, the 66th anniversary of The Attack on Pearl Harbor. A tragic, tragic day.


  • You like these today in history things don’t yea!?  😄

    “December 7th, 1941, a day, that will live in infamy” and it surly has and alwasy will be.

  • And on this day, the United States Marines held a “Health Fair” in The Marine Dome at Cherry Point MCAS.

    It was a pretty fun day actually.  I gave away 500 Safety Kleen Motorsports calendars, and 14 cases of sample products.

    And I worked with the Environmental Affairs Department to work out the 2008 hazmat sampling plan as well as work out the process for handling 84 Oil Water Separators that need serviced.

    Yep… as of this week, I am now the Account Manager for Cherry Point MCAS in Havelock NC in addition to being the Account Manager for Seymour Johnson (not kidding that is the base name) AFB in Goldsboro, NC.

    As for this date in 1941…
    They came, they bombed… and they got nuked in return!  😄

  • Yes, let us remember the nearly 2400 Americans that died today 66 years ago and brought us into one of the darkest poinst in US history.

  • If Japan didn’t bomb us, then we would’ve still got in to the war, just alittle later. Hitler wasn’t going to let us just sit around being nutral the whole time.

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