Guadalcanal Combat System for other A&A Games

  • Like many I think, people really like Guadalcanal’s battle box combat system. It is much cleaner because the dice don’t fall off the table and it is randomized which is superior to picking your own hits. In my opinon it is better than the BOTB system. My question now is can this awesome system used for AAR, AAE, and AAP? One of the main problems is that the battle box results chart has all the different types of units except the cruicial armor piece. Could the AA gun spot at the 6th and 12th spots be substitued for Armor? Would that be balanced? Could you use the back and forth method of movement for the strategic scaled games or just the combat system to resolve hits? The back and forth method does allow all players to stay in the game more instead of waiting so long for your turn. Would you have to change any of the stats of the units for AAR, AAE, and AAP? What are your thoughts on this?

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    Interesting idea.  However, I think you’d need to rework the land casualties on the battle box rather than just substitute armor for AA.  Unless you take AA out of the battle completely and treat it like it’s currently treated in the main games (shoot once before the battle), you still need it on the casualty chart.  Armor should also be more vulnerable to hits than artillery, since it is closer to the front lines.

    Here’s a suggestion for a rework:

    Infantry, Infantry, Armor, Armor, Artillery, AA, Infantry, Infantry, Armor, Armor, Artillery, AA

    It would certainly fundamentally change the game.

  • I agree Armor should come before artillery. Probably be able to print off something and easily add to the side of the tray. I don’t know if AA guns would be treated the same. I think a few of the units would have to be changed for use in the Strategic games.

  • I like Krieghund’s chart. There are some fundamental questions you have to answer to use the battle box system for the strategic games.

    The AA Guns: Do you keep them the same as AAG or any changes? Would there be a stacking limit so that they do not become too powerful. In regular A&A two AA Guns does not give you a advantage. I love how in AAG certain units are good at somethings and not at others. Should ground units have some AA Gun ability or not? Maybe something like Battle of The Bulge. For each type of unit you have equals one power or one dice?

    Armor: What power would it have? 2 power or 3? Would Armor be able to take a hit and not be destroyed? Maybe just damaged on a roll of 2?

    Artillery: Do you think Artillery should attack in the sea? It might work for AAG but for a Strategic level game? Should this advantage be replaced by just giving it 2 power instead of 1 or a first attack ability kind of like a sub?

    Defending: Should units have different stats if defending? Should infantry have 2 power when defending?

    Carrier: I think carrier should have some AA Ability unlike in AAG. 0 power defending against a Battleship though.

    Attacking: Should only one round of combat be allowed for each attack like AAG? Should there be a limited amount like 3 or unlimited until attacker or defender retreats?

  • I posted A&A Guadcanal House rules for A&A Europe in House Rules. Check it out and see what you think.

  • You only hit half of it.  What about the movement system allowing all players to move nearly simultaneously?  How about all infantry move, then all artillery, then all armor, then all bombers, then fighters, …  That system would make AAR a very different game.  Imagine fights going on in territories 2 deep (which could happen often in this system) instead of on the very front line.  Picture Russia attacking Ukraine while the Germans attack the Caucasus at the same time in turn 1!

  • Yes, I didn’t post about that part. I had that infantry and artillery move in the same turn, then Armor. But your way works as well. It does cut a step out.

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