A discussion on Russia's National Advantages

  • Well, the Railway works differently then mobile Industry.

    Yes this is true moving the factory every turn and bringing down 2-3 infantry in any Soviet Territory ( depending on its value) is much faster deployment of troops than the ones moving 2 spaces along those listed territories. How many units would be moving from west to east? i guess not more than 2-3 anyway.

    Thats why it seems like it sort of trumps the Railway NA because its more efficient. The only thing the Railway thing is good for is ONE extra space for TWO units ONLY within those listed territories.

  • And the IC drops to 1 unit once you reach Yakut; and the units still only achieve a net 1 space move with the mobile IC instead of 2 spaces per turn with the railway.

    Plus the Mobile IC puts the actual IC at risk which is never a concern with the railway.

  • No its worse than that. The Soviet player can capture a Japanese territory or German territory and bring the factory closer. If Japan gets bumped off the mainland or looks weak the Soviets can place a factory over by Manchuria and really give a Japanese a good KJF.

    The fact that every turn it can move makes it ridiculous because it will always be out of harms way. never bombed, never taken unless the Soviet player likes to play Russian roulette with his army and take lots of chances.

    I would never choose the railway NA just to gain one space in NCM

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    Most players random the NAs, so it’s not a choice of “choosing” railway, you might just get it assigned to you.

    Anyway, that’s a good thing, if Russia’s strong enough to take your ICs in Manchuria, Kwangtung and/or FIC then do you honestly think you have a chance to win anyway?  Remember, they have to take it AND hold it for a round before they can move it out, just like an AA Gun.

    Also, it’s a good tactic for Russia to blitz out of Russia before it falls, leaving blockers in place and get those ICs over to SFE/Yak/Buryatia where they can be captured, but serve little to no real purpose to the enemy. =)

  • In a Russia Sacrifice KGF, stranding those IC’s in Evenk and Novo/Kazakh would be a good strat…  3 units by Japan instead of 12…
    Another Karma point for that one Jen.

  • Ah yeah thats a good one.

  • @ncscswitch:

    In a Russia Sacrifice KGF, stranding those IC’s in Evenk and Novo/Kazakh would be a good strat…  3 units by Japan instead of 12…
    Another Karma point for that one Jen.

    (in Russian accent)

    In my country, they give medals to the winners, and shoot the losers.

    (note:  that’s supposed to be humor, not commentary on Russian politics)

  • @Cmdr:

    1. Salvage

    To be honest, this is the worst National Advantage in the game.  I’ve only gotten this once, and that’s because I had a stellar defense of Russia against the Germans which netted me an extra tank that died to Japan.

    How about the Russians can buy back a number of their own destroyed tanks at 1 or 2 IPC?

    Maybe 1 in 5 - or they get 1 of their own dead tanks back for free out of every 5 destroyed?

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    I’d rather go free Russian tank each game round Russia destroys a German tank.

    If you kill 40 German tanks, you still only get one.  However, if Germany attacks and you kill a tank, you get one, OR if you attack and kill a German tank you get one. (Only one per game round! That means every nation gets to go before you get another free tank.)

    Most rounds, obviously, you would not get any tanks.  Some rounds you would.  Much better then salvage though.

  • I play face-to-face with all 6 NAs turned on for all 5 nations.  In the 15 games I have played in this way, I have seen Salvage taken advantage of exactly twice.  There may have been some fights in there where it was forgotten, but STILL.  That’s a pretty poor return on an “advantage” if you ask me.

    Russian Winter merely gets you a round of breathing room.  Useful when it’s coming down to the wire and Moscow is threatened.  The Japanese player tends to forget that this NA has been activated when his turn rolls around, and might make miscalculations in the east to reflect that.

    Railway is consistently useful in every game.

    Nonaggression Treaty can be a blessing or a curse.  Sometimes you’re afraid to take easy Manchurian pickings just because you don’t want to lose your 4 free men.  Sometimes the threat of those free men can keep Japan off your doorstep for a good long while.  It all depends on what you can force her priorities to be.

    Mobile Industry is useful for pulling the Caucasus IC back when that territory is threatened.  If Germany can build 4 units in Caucasus, you’re on the verge of screwed.  Retreating the complex means that you don’t HAVE to retake Caucasus next round (a heavy strafe is often adequate to set up for the following round retake).

    Lend-lease.  I like it, but usually Allied gear thus obtained is destroyed before it has the chance to actually do anything.  (arriving typically in war-torn territories as they so often do).  And often I’d rather have a US or UK unit messing around in the area rather than just another soviet soldier.


  • Thing is if you play with all NAs on, the Allies’ NAs can’t get much more useful or else they get an advantage by sheer number of NAs (18 vs 12). There’s a reason that all of Germany’s are good and only 2-3 are good per Allies.

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    I agree, Bean.  If you play 18 NAs vs 12 NAs then the Allies have a significant advantage.  That’s why I am trying to lock down what the NAs do and do not allow you to do on an individual basis and try to get the NAs for the allies to equal in number the NAs for the axis. (Might be interesting to give the axis an NA in lieu of a bid as well.)

  • Well the way it’s currently set up in LHTR, if you have all NAs on I think it’s actually balanced because the Allies have a lot of crappy NAs. If you play with selecting NAs, then the same ones will be selected over and over because there’s so many crappy ones. The best way to do NAs is sort of like how enhanced does it, where each NA is strong and equally valid.

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    I like random NAs.  1 Random for each nation, then the allies get to pick 1 for one of their nations and the axis each get to pick one.

    High chances of the allies getting comparably cr@p, but having at least one they like.  And the axis almost certainly get 50% na’s they like since they chose 50%.  Meanwhile, both sides have 4 NAs

  • I like random too, except id like more choices at least 10 per side and placed on cards so its easy to see what everybody has.

    i guess roll d6= result=NA since there are currently only 6 per side.

    it takes away from home study strategies where the game is played out before the game at home…a new adventure is what makes it fun,while taking cliff notes to playing games destroys the game and its intent for social interactions.

    One of the reasons why i hate published strategies because theirs no life in the game if you play from notes you got from somebody else.

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    I believe the point of 6 NAs per country was so that you could random them with the dice provided. :P  I don’t believe in coincidences.

  • Yes, but us former AD&D gamers also have ready access to lots of d4, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d00 :-D

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    Yes, but us former AD&D gamers also have ready access to lots of d4, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d00 :-D

    1st, 2nd or 3rd edition?

    I was a 2nd edition mostly, but I got roped into 3rd edition because my DMs refused to play second anymore. :(

    And yes, I have roughly 48d4 because I had a spell once that did 3d4 * Level damage for 1 Level/Round. (Way over powered, but the chances to get it was less then 7-tenths of 1% and I got uber lucky…well, not UBER lucky, there were actually better ones that were harder to get.)

    Fun, fun!

  • First Edition (though with 2nd Non-Weapon Prof added).

    I have a LOT of dice, but in my primary set I have 25d4 for one of my character’s Cone of Cold :-D

    I like those 13d4 Magic Missiles too :-)

    The sound a Magic Missile makes… THWAP!

    Asbestos’ Magic Missiles…
    Average Damage:  45 hit points… no save, automatically hit :-D

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