Newbie question regarding deployment

  • The first three hexes of the map… what does that mean, exactly? When counting up to three hexes from the edge of the map, do you go in a zig-zag (resulting in less deployment space) or straight along a line of hexes (resulting in more deployment space)?

  • You can deploy in the 1st 3 FULL hexes from the edge of the board.  Don’t count half-hexes, they aren’t used in the game.  Since the board is made of hexes, it is a little zig-zag.

    Have fun, it’s a great game!


  • Thanks for the answer. I knew half-hexes didn’t count, but I was confused on whether or not I should start at the first full hex and count up 3 in a straight line, or count up to three in a zig-zag. But now I know that it’s the latter. Thanks again.

  • 3!?….oops, I’ve always done it as 5 hexes, I feel stupid.  :oops:

  • Depends on the map, actually.  The maps with the first 5 sets have more hexes and it is indeed 5 hexes.  The new maps with set 6 (39-45) you setup in the 1st 3 hexes.


  • Thanks, I thought I was doing all wrong this whole time.  :roll:

  • 2019 Moderator

    Well, as long as you know the rules it really only matters that your opponent agrees with you.  I take liberties with the rules all the time.  I used to deploy in the first two with the old maps, because I like the “movement to fire” part of the game.

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