• Hi all, i’am new here! I’m already registered at Avalon Hill’s forums and at Larry Harris’s forum, everytime with the same nickname.  :mrgreen:

    I’m from Palermo, Sicilia, Italia, and so my english isn’t very good, i please you excuse me for this…

    I’m an “old” Axis&Allies player (i play since 1993 with the 2nd edition rules). Actually, with my friends, i play AA Revised, Europe (sometimes, i think it’s too unbalanced), Pacific (it’s great, even if unbalanced) and, last but not least, Battle of the Bulge (i play only 1 game but it seems very good). Since i’m a lover of all this games, and since i MUST to put my hands on rules of every game that i play, i create some new house rules for Axis&Allies: Revised that i want to describe here. Tell me what do you think about it!  😄

    Here’s my rule for mobilizing new infantry units at the end of turn (phase 6).

    New infantries can now be mobilized even in the territories of a minimum value of 2 that doesn’t have any IC. It can be placed only ONE infantry per territory: this territory must be controlled since the start of the turn. “Line of supply” must be free for that territories (as explained in Cmdr Jennifer HR on this forum). This extra-infantry CAN’T be placed in territories that already contains IC, they follow normal rules. This extra-infantry unit IS NOT free, it have been purchased at the start of the turn as usually.

    This rule represents local recruitment of troops, as the Axis croatian legio in Jugoslavia, the siberian conscripts of the Soviet Union and, specially, chinese army “supported” by USA.

    So this rule allows USA player to reinforce China without constructing any IC, the UK player to reinforce Africa and Australia, the USSR player to reinforce far east, the Germ. player to reinforce Western Europe or Balkans or Africa, and Japan to reinforce some islands…

    What do you think about it?  😉

    Greetingz, Sergente nella neve (Sergeant in the snow)

  • Should I follow you around and reply everywhere you’ve posted?  🙂 😉
    limiting to only >= 2 IPC territories makes this better.  HAve you game play tested this?  I would think this would help the allies more than the axis because the allies basically need to build infrastructure to get into the war and now you’ve just circumvented that, but I see the axis also have this ability (to a lesser extent)

    Why incorporate lines of supply into your house rule, that only complicates things unnecessarily.  The global scale of A&A doesn’t lend itself to lines of supply (a much more micro level of warfare).

  • Hi, axis_roll!!!  😉 I’m sorry, but i’m knowing this site (and its forum) only in this period… Italy is far away from here!

    As you seen, i modified my precedent version of this rules thanks to your comments. The “line of supply rule” is only a way to make impossible to reinforce encircled territories, even if i think that an encircled territory got more problems than be reinforced… I agree what you tell, this rule could help Allies. But Axis too can have advantage by this rule, enabling Germany to create more infantry across the front-line against USSR or to reinforce Africa, once the Egypt were captured; and the Japan can now build infantry units on the coast without the necessity of a big transport fleet or an IC that, i think, were too un-historic.

    And… sincerely… i have NOT play-tested this rules…  :oops: :roll: 😄  My friends rarely like to try new “house rules” and i hate them for this!  :x  😛  😢

    I just wrote them an e-mail for our next games…

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I think it might work.

    I had a rule similar to this in Classic as a house rule. (England only however.)  It didn’t really over balance the game because, as you said, it’s for 2 IPC or greater territories.  That, for England, was Egypt, E. Canada, Australia, S. Africa, India and England (which already HAD an IC!)

    We also had some other rules…way out of balance stuff.

    For instance:

    Russian infantry cost 2 IPC (1 IPC with industrial technology, tell me THAT isn’t invitation for abuse???)  German tanks attacked at 4, defended at 3.  Japan got 1 free kamikazee attack per defending/attacking boat (hit on 1 or less) and America could purchase pieces back that were destroyed at 67% cost. (Multiply the cost of a new unit by two, divide by three. )

    But the English one, even when solo, never really hurt the game.

    Only thing I’m worried about is the effects on the front lines with Germany able to mobilize new units faster. (In revised that is.)

  • Oh, i’m sorry, excuse me!

    In effect i forgot to specify that this rule doesn’t have effect for territories that already have an IC on it.

    And you’re right, Germany can mobilize new units faster, but USSR too…

  • Raising infantry outside of IC is a nice rule.
    I’ve had limited experience of such a rule.
    It just needs to be limited.
    And of course its also realistic.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator


    Oh, i’m sorry, excuse me!

    In effect i forgot to specify that this rule doesn’t have effect for territories that already have an IC on it.

    And you’re right, Germany can mobilize new units faster, but USSR too…

    But Russia is already building in the Caucasus (in Revised) anyway, if the front is in Ukraine, then this really doesn’t help the Russians nearly as much as the Germans.

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