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    I am just curious as to who gets the credit for making Triple A? and Battlemap?

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    Any chance National Advantages will ever be supported by TripleA?

  • @Cmdr:

    Any chance National Advantages will ever be supported by TripleA?

    I don’t think it will be done soon, LHTR is more important, but the NA’s would be nice in triplea, because the computer program
    doesn’t let u do any mistakes or wrongdoing, as is fully possible when playing the board game.
    There r also disagreement on which way triplea should follow. Some wants the developers to support different rules etc, for
    custom maps and scenarios, and others think revised 4th ed (+ LHTR etc.) implementations r more important. Personally I don’t play custom maps,
    so I would hope for 100% LHTR support, and also NA’s at a later stage. I would at least give NA’s a try if they were 100%
    supported in triplea.

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    I’d say NA’s now.  Work on LHTR 2.0 later.  There’s already a patch for LHTR 1.3 minus the NAs.

    Custom maps are outside the mainstream by definition, so make the code open source and allow other people to make the mods they want.  Stick to LHTR and Axis and Allies official rules for now. :)

  • The TripleA engine is open source, but there r not too many coders working too much atm…. :|
    And triplea is all freeware, so no one gets paid…

    I agree with that the mainstream A&A versions r more important than other maps/versions.
    If u know someone who knows how to code in java, then make him/her do some work on the triplea engine,
    and we might see both NA’s and full LHTR support in the near future  :mrgreen:

  • NA is obviously missing. But even 4th edition is not fully supported.
    A lot of the checking is complex to implement and often decided to be not useful enough and are hence marked as low priority.

    Things like aircraft carrier landing sounds trivial but is quite complex to implement.

    House rules are not a priority. Last time I talked to Sean he wanted Europe and Pacific support first.
    Funny thing is without flexibility for coding of house rules, Europe and Pacific support won’t be easy to add.

    Oh and the AI. Discussion occasionally pops up. All kinda of obvious improvements. Everyone is excited. But then it dies done before anything is done.

    We have developers at tripleA forum. We have players here.
    I’ll try to show you the current AI script. Been posted many times at tripleA forum.

  • @Lucifer:


    Not a big deal, but not a very complete list of contributors.

    Back to the OP, the main credit goes to Sean Bridges as the original author.


  • The fact that Triple A exists is proof of the commercial viability of another computer based effort to catalog all of the Axis and Allies games under a new product by WOTC/ AH

    but we all know this will never be done because it makes sence.

  • Chuck Norris crapped out Triple A.

  • I still think a commercial done A&A pc game with all variants will be profitable. Even if the marketing research guys have done some
    thinking and not come to the this conclusion. But maybe boardgames will sell less copies then.
    The original A&A sold 2 million copies worldwide.
    I think revised have not reached that number yet, but there is a market for good turn based strategy games, both
    as board game variants, and for computers.

    And u don’t need good AI if it takes to much work to accomplish.
    TripleA is good b/c there is no good alternatives atm.
    And triplea is the only computer game which has 4th.ed. revised for online gaming available.

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    Yes, well, Chuck Norris’ tears are the cure for cancer, unfortunately, Chuck Norris never cries. :(

    Back to serious land, the AI is pointless, IMHO.  This game’s just too complex for today’s computers to play sufficiently….of course they said the same about chess back in the day…

    Anyway.  NAs, then flavors.  NAs at least come with the main box!

  • AI is only as smart as the people who program it  :roll:

  • @Bean:

    AI is only as smart as the people who program it  :roll:

    If u can gather the Deep Blue team to do some serious work with a strategy game, I would be willing to help with
    playtesting etc, I bet the algorithm could beat some players who are new to A&A.
    We might need something completely different then TripleA probably  :roll:
    The current AI is not a real AI imo, it’s only for testing out new maps&scenarios. A medium, or strong AI is all
    about time and money.

  • For those interested don’t read the code.
    Just read the comments in red.
    Between line 742 and 924.

    The AI finds the nearest capital and moves towards it.
    It only attacks with overwhelming force.
    It only buys transports if needed. Buys no other naval units.

    Doesn’t care about counter attacks.
    Doesn’t blitz.

    Add naval AI and you have something for newbies to get a hang of axis and allies.

    Or add counter attack consideration and you have a decent AI for land based variants. (TripleA has various maps. Some not axis and allies style.) Play the “mini-map” game and you’ll see the AI is functional. Its a “3-corridors” land map.

  • 2007 AAR League


    It only buys transports if needed. Buys no other naval units.

    In my experience, the AI buys transports every turn, even if not needed. By the end of a game (if you don’t fall asleep) there will be 20 US transports in Z12, and a similar number of Jpn TRNs in Z61. IIRC.

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    Not 100% accurate.  The game will stop buying transports when they have enough to move all their ground forces at once. (That includes ground forces 7 moves away from your transports, etc.  So if you have 1 Japanese guy in W. Europe, Japan will still put a transport in SZ 61 for him.)

  • 2007 AAR League

    Interesting. I never calculated why. I just know it kept building them, even more than I do :)

  • At least the AI doesn’t buy IC in India  :wink:

  • 2007 AAR League

    I just played the AI on the “minimap.xml” game. No navy. But I still kicked the AI’s butt.

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