• How many of you guys actually finish a game. I mean till two capitals are taken. I’ve never gone all the way through, except in the case of econ. victory. There’s just a point where you say “Okay, no way your comin’ back man!” and start putting the pieces away. Has anybody here been bloodthirsty enough to make the other guy cry? 😢


  • Depends on if I’m winning or Winning! :lol: :lol: :lol: 😉
    “Majority rules.” - Xi

  • we usually play till someone says, hey this isn’t very cool or fun anymore. Sometimes my group expresses the desire to finish a game out, since it so rarely happens.

  • Why yes, actually. When it gets to that point where normally it would be a ‘quarter given,’ whoever is about to lose generally moves all their pieces to their capital to have one (or more) last grandstand. This works especially well if the victim is an Axis player(which it usually is) simply because one of their teammates has already been knocked out and they really dont have a chance unless they all of a sudden start rolling successive ones every single die roll.

  • Fight to the last man!

  • i like to end the game when victory by one side is not a viable, forseeable occurrance. It’s like running up the score in a friendly game of football. My team was ahead by about touchdowns, my friend (the quarterback) called a time-out with under 2 minutes left to stop the clock. The opposing team captain complained “what, you want to beat us 56 to nothin’?”
    That’s when you wake up and call it a game.
    Also if this event (approaching end game) occurs early enough, you can set things up for a new game 🙂

  • I agree with CC. Why continue to beat a dead horse?

  • Yeah, I’d say a good rule of thumb would be that when it’s not fun anymore start a new game. 🙂

  • I like to finish out games just to get a sense of closure. Looseing a game doesn’t bother me that much, I can still have fun playing even if I’m looseing.
    I’ll often save my friends if I’m winning though. I tend to grab every little piece of territory before takeing the capital so it usually ends up being about 28 troops surrounding Japan or the UK, with no terrioties held by them. So at that point we will usually end it at that point.

  • @EmuGod:

    I agree with CC. Why continue to beat a dead horse?

    I like dead horses! You don’t have to feed them, walk them, water them 😛 , clean nor curry(groom)them. You just gotta cut off and bury their heads. The glue factory or dog food company will take care of the rest!
    Be sure to get the horse out of the stall before rigor mortis sets in. Otherwise you’ll have to cut it’s legs off, too! - Xi 😮 😢

  • When I’m axis the other players always give up as soon as moscow falls 😞

  • Usually it happens when one capital falls either side.
    However, I have seen times of the Allies surviving after Russia has fallen (given a buildup along WE) or the Axis going on to win after Germany has fallen (depends on how powerful Japan is).

    If worse comes to worse, break out the tech rolls! 😉

  • i fight to the last man, however if someone wants to quit I’m ok with it, I play the person who is gonna die gets to choose whether or not to surrender.

  • last man! 😄

  • I hate last man when trying to invade USA, Japan, or Uk. It takes forever for those countries to be conquered. :x

  • espeshaly if you can move capitals

  • Move capitals?

  • although i have not played in a while we have not tottaly finished a game cept for a couple world games. but the last free for all we had i as winning and one day my friends broke into my house and as a joke tookdown the game and took all the peices to there house 😞

  • that was me btw 🙂

  • heh, sucker. 😛

  • @TG:

    Move capitals?

    house rule, good for russia thay can invade chily or somthing and move there capital there

  • :lol:

  • I don’t know, I had some pretty heated games between Germany and Russia, seeing who would fall first. 🙂

  • i think most end games “move capitals” would just frustrate your opponant and result in a win by default
    (the 2 greatest words in the english language: De! Fault!)

  • Hahaha, can you move the British and Japanese Capitals? 🙂
    “My Capital is now in the North Sea!” 😉

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