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    Although Nate’s article says taht subs are risky. I disagree, in fact, I think there is a lethal combination that might break the game. With the exception of transports most naval units are expensive except for the submarine at 4. Fighters are also fairly cheap. As Japan, on your first turn (with errata rules) you’ll probably have 26 reinforcement points. What if you purchase nothing but submarines, that is 6 subs or 7 total.

    As Japan, play out the game conservatively, build some airfields on the near island and hassle the Americans a little bit. But save your aircraft and use them soley to swarm defense over your subs. With 7 subs, you should be able to take down battleships, aircraft carriers, and transports.

    Just some thoughts. I’m going to try it this weekend.

  • It sounds like you are disagreeing with a lot of things he is saying.

    Nate Heiss-
    “Air units can work well both offensively and defensively, with their real advantage being that they can react to other movements and strike where you see opportunities. Their big downside is that they are pricy and don’t have the durability of the sea units.”

    “I disagree, only bombers are expensive-ish. Fighters are cheap, only 3 reinforcement points. When you’re sending fighters into a big battle, try to buy 1 or 2 to replace you inevitable casualties.”

  • How did this strategy work? It seems like a lethal idea since mainly all the japanese need to do is stall the americans :evil:

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