• I’ll try, but no garentees, 10:00 is usualy when I get ready for……theres no school!!!  :mrgreen: I’ll be there!!! try and chose a strike at karkand map.

    L85A1 is going to be my new unlock, I played this one game wre I kept killed a guy who had it and picked up his kit, I racked up like 20 kills!

  • I’ll look, but if you’re in a game, try and post the Ip or server name here so it’s easy to find.

  • L85A1 is going to be my new unlock, I played this one game wre I kept killed a guy who had it and picked up his kit, I racked up like 20 kills!

    I’m not sure what weapon that is. I just starting using a sniper. I wasn’t really digging on them before, but the 2 claymores they carry are fun to work with. The kills come far easier than any other class so far. Me and thecurseofyig were both snipers for 3-4 maps straight and we finnished above .500 everytime, which has not happened before. I actually was 12 and 12 one map but hey, it was fun. I think we may have lost each map but 2 snipers sitting high on a building picking guys off was a nice change from running around getting bombed and smashed by artillery every 2 seconds.

  • I’m finaly a Staff sgt, that unlock is the medic one, it’s green, got a back mag to it, it’s british.

    What sniper riffle do you use, the M95?

    I usualy play levels without vehicals, therefor no art to deal with.

  • I’m finaly a Staff sgt, that unlock is the medic one

    Oh, alright I actually unlocked that already, but I’m not that successful with it. I don’t usually pay attention to the guns types so I’m not sure what type of rifle the sniper starts out with.

  • it’s 10:00 so I’ll be online most of the night

  • I’m playing right now at

  • HOLD ON!!! how do you put in a Ip # to play on that server!!!

  • That was fun. I didn’t do so good but it was neat rolling with 3 of us at times.
    I was switched to the other team on that last map, there.

  • I was woundering were you went.  :lol: I loved the part when all of us were in tanks and APCs, no could stop us.  :evil:

    That was fun, even if the other team started to base rape us alot, should’ve seen it on Dragon Valley, the one right afte you got off, the noobs kept attaking us with jets, helos, boats, and inf droped from tp helos on the carier, all the while getting bombed with art……yea, alot of guys got kiced on that one. We should try it again some time.  :mrgreen:

  • We try again next Friday.

  • Yep, you got it.

  • I meant "We’ll try again……

    I agree, it was fun when we were all in armor. I liked it when we were loading up on that armored car and rolling down on that road that had a mad amount of emeny units everywhere. I think it was Mansur city or something like that.

  • Matsuur city it was, my fav map! We got like 10 kills each run.

  • Thats the one!

  • I be playing right quick……sick

  • I’ll probly be playing most of today and tommorow. same IP#?

  • I can probably play tomorrow…after noon or so, EST.

    Do you guys make a squad and use mics?  That’s about the only I play…

    But I haven’t played this in a while.

  • same Ip not that is matters a bunch now. I should have been more clear

    Ya, we squad up but don’t have a mic

    I work on Sunday at 6:00am so I don’t think I’ll be able to play tomorrow……we"ll see.

  • Rrrg, sorry guys, I’ll try and play today but I got alot of essays to do for homework. Hey, you know what, try and get online here before going to play, and I’ll try and be on the site around noon, that way we can send a PM and will know exactly when we both start.

    Heres an IP that I usualy play all the time, it’s realy fun The only bad thing about your server was the fact there theres vihcals involved, I don’t care if there cars and helos, just the APCs and arm that I have so much probloms dealing with. Not that I wont play it though.  :evil:

  • I hope you got my message Gewehr. I when back to read over what I sent you but I couldn’t find the message so I began wondering if I sent it properly.

    Either way I post here.

    I play mainly on weekends Friday and Sat. when I’m at Yig’s.  But thanks for the invite.

  • Yea, I got the message.  😄

  • I like the Project Reality mod.
    The whole style changes a lot though.
    Used to play that a lot, months ago.

    Just noticed the new cool is the “Forgotten Hope 2” mod.

  • realism mods are tight

    I’m about to jump in yo


  • Send me a massage right before you go on ok.  :evil:

    See you on the battlefield!

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