• USA lands on russian territories. No russians are there. Does USA claim these territories as their own and collect the IPCs? Or do they still belong to Russia?

  • Russian TT’s belong to Russia, always. But TT’s which originally belonged to Russia and was captured, if Moscow has been
    captured, then US will take the TT that previously belonged to Russia.
    So even if Russia has fallen, if a TT is red, then US wont take it. It has to be colored grey (German) or yellow (Jap) before US or
    or UK can claim it.

  • Correct.

    The ONLY way you can get paid for an allied territory is:
    1.  Your ally’s capital has already fallen from the enemy
    2.  You take territory that originally belonged to an ally from the enemy

    Note that even if, for example, Moscow has fallen, USA cannot get paid for Archangel unless they take it from Germany or Japan.  Simply landing in Archangel while it is still “Russian controlled” simply keeps it RUSSIAN.

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