• Heres the add i was gonna post on ebay.  I’ll put it here first.  If you want it offer me a price, you pay shipping.  Thanks!

    This large lot contains two starter kits and several set 1, set 2 and set 3 packs consisting of 75 total units including 7 RARE units.  This lot is in mint condition.  A guy at work and I played this for almost a year and have found it time to move on to a different game.  We had many fun battles with this series and hope that someone else will have as much fun.  The game is playable by kids and adults and provides great tactics while not containing incredibly difficult game mechanics.
    There are easily enough units on each side to have a 200+ point battle.  Since there are two sets of maps included it allows you to build larger, more creative maps for your favorite scenarios!
    This set comes with absolutely everything you need to play!  Here is a comprehensive list of everything you will get.  I will ship it all in one Starter kit box since it all fits nicely/barely in there.

    • Advanced Rules booklet
    • 2 Map sets, 8 maps in total
    • 16 six sided dice
    • 2 objective markers
    • Two sets of disrupted and damaged markers
    • A homemade piece of thin string that works perfectly for finding line of sight
      Soviet Union
    • Set II 8/45 Fanatical Sniper “Common “
    • Set II 7/45 Cossack Captain “Uncommon”
    • Set II 13/45 T-70 Model 1942 “Uncommon”
    • Set III 11/45 Soviet Grenadiers “Common”
    • Set III 12/45 SU-85 “Rare”
    • Set I 2/48 Renault R-35 “Rare”
    • Set III 4/45 Lebel 86M93 Grenadier “Common”
      United Kingdom
    • Set I 7/48 6-Pounder Antitank Gun “Common”
    • Set I 8/48 Churchill Crocodile “Rare”
    • Set I 10/48 Humber Scout Car “Uncommon”
    • Set I 11/48 Inspiring Lieutenant “Uncommon”
    • Set I 12/48 M3 Stuart “Uncommon”
    • Set I 14/48 SMLE No.4 Rifle “Common”  X3
    • Set I 15/48 Vickers Machine-Gun Team “Uncommon” X3
    • Set II 17/45 PIAT Gunner “Common”
    • Set II 18/45 Valentine II “Rare”
    • Set III 14/45 40mm Bofors L60 “Uncommon”
      United States
    • Set I 16/48 Bazooka “Common”  X2
    • Set I 18/48 M1 Garand Rifle “Common” X4
    • Set I 21/48 M4A1 Sherman “Uncommon” X2
    • Set I 22/48 M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight “Rare”
    • Set I 23/48 Marines M2-2 Flamethrower “Common” X3
    • Set I 24/48 Mortar M2 “Common”
    • Set I 25/48 “Red Devil” Captain “Uncommon” X2
    • Set II 19/45 3” Gun M5 “Common”
    • Set II 20/45 BAR Gunner “Common”
    • Set III 18/45 FO Jeep “Uncommon”
    • Set III 23/45 Marine Rifleman “Common”
    • Set I 42/48 Fucile Modello 1891 “Common” X2
    • Set III 38/45 Brixia M35 45mm Mortar “Common”
    • Set I 43/48 47mm Type I Antitank Gun “Common”
    • Set I 45/48 Imperial Sergeant “Uncommon” X2
    • Set I 46/48 Type 89 Mortar “Common”
    • Set I 47/48 Type 92 Machine-Gun Team “Uncommon”
    • Set II 37/45 Imperial Sniper “Common”
    • Set II 39/45 SNLF Paratroopers “Common”
    • Set III 42/45 Type 87 Armored Car “Uncommon”
    • Set I 27/48 Light Mortar “Common”
    • Set I 28/48 Mauser Kar 98k “Common” X2
    • Set I 29/48 MG 42 Machine-Gun Team “Uncommon” X2
    • Set I 30/48 PAK 38 Antitank Gun “Common” X2
    • Set I 31/48 Panzer II Ausf. C “Rare”
    • Set I 32/48 Panzer IV Ausf. G “Uncommon” X3
    • Set I 33/48 Panzerfaust 30 “Common”
    • Set I 34/48 SD KFZ 222 “Uncommon” X2
    • Set I 35/48 SD KFZ 251 “Uncommon”
    • Set I 36/48 sIG 33 “Rare”
    • Set I 37/48 SS-Haupsturmfuhrer “Uncommon” X2
    • Set I 39/48 SS-Panzergrenadier “Common” X3
    • Set II 28/45 PAK 40 Antitank Gun “Common”
    • Set II 30/45 Panzer III Ausf. F “Uncommon”
    • Set III 34/45 Panzerchreck “Common”

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