• What are the 5-10 must have units for this game?

  • ….what?  :?

    Could you explain please?

  • Sure, I just started collecting in order to play and I was wondering from all of the Air/Vehicle/Soldier units available, what would the 5-10 best units be? I mean, these are the units you feel are the most reliable, cost efficient units you could get. I have King Tiger, which is pretty powerful, but drains almost 3/4 of the point total.

    Also, if you could say what the 5-10 must have units from War at Sea are, that would also be helpful.

  • Are you just collecting German units?

  • I don’t believe there are or should be “must haves”.  If you build a limited army that only plays certain pieces each time, then you’ll find your self extremely limited.  Different scenarios require different weapons and mixtures.  Offensive, defensive, open ground, close ground, air units allowed, no air units, etc etc.

    The same goes for the WaS.  You can play these games with a limited group but the real fun is playing various scenarios (sub hunts, convoys, landing parties, etc) and being able to do well in all.

    I’m not a fan of this collectible system and in order to get a bit of everything, I just buy a case of each that comes out.  Then I’ve got enough to do most everything that I wish to do now and might think of in the future.

  • I would interpret that to mean “What units do you take into battle nearly 100% of the time?”  Is that about right?

    In those terms, I would use point value, defense, attack dice, range, etc. as deciding factors, definitely.  And it’s worth mentioning that I have my forces set up into 600-point armies, because I think bigger is better.

    Assuming I have the point correct, and not counting depot units, I’d go with these:


    1. M-26 Pershing (Heavy Tank)
    2. US Heavy Mortar (Improved Indirect Fire makes these babies supreme)
    3. Hunting Sniper (Basically a cloaked FO for #2)
    4. Jeep (TOO fast to forget about, regarding transporting stuff)
    5. M-16 Halftrack (Ideal for air-defense, and decently fast, for bringing the AA screen elsewhere)


    1. Vet. Tiger (Tiger with Crack Shot - Yummy)
    2. SS PanzerGrenadier (How can you not?  Ruthless makes them exactly that)
    3. Wehrmacht Expert Sniper (6 dice across the board, plus Headshot is really useful too)
    4. Grizzled Veteran (Vast Experience is too cool)
    5. Nashorn (just one, because 20 hexes for long range is awesome)

  • AgentOrange,
      That is exactly what I mean, but am not as articulate as you. Thank you, that is helpful.

        Good idea on scenarios, but as a beginner, I feel that I have to play what I get for now until my selection is more diversified. Thank you.

  • I like to have a few snipers on my side, take the obj by force of armor and inf, then move them along to the next while my snipers guard the post and put well aimed fire on the next one  :evil:

  • Ditto on Agents comments.  Try at least one new piece and see how you can tweak your build.  If we are suggesting it yuo can bet your opponent is expecting it as well, add some USEFUL unpredictable units that can work well with he build.

    Assuming you stick with what is on the cards (and not go with the recost)

    Vet Tiger  : is a must.  The crack shot is worth too much not to.  I once went up against 4 armor units taking out all (I lost my Tiger to a crock but took him down as well).

    SS PG:  Cheap and powerful

    Wehr Snipes;  Another "don’t leave home without them.  The crackshot again is vey useful not to mention the SA, head shot.  I fielded two once and stopped two crocks in their tracks. This allowed me to take them both out with my Tigers very early in the game.

    SS haupman what cha ya ma jigger.  +3 and cheap + SA.  the ober is nice but pricey

    I like the hetzers if your short on pts. and need some decent tank killers. (there are other thing out now with the recost that may be better.  20 points each.

    Jagd panther (RECOSTED) is 39 that is real good for that kind of armor and punch.

    Look at the Panthers as well.

    SS determination is a great ability bt you pay pay for it.  I think the Panther and a PZ IV have that (Not sure).

    I have broken even on the Nash.  but must agree with Agent 20 hexes with superior ops is somethingyour opponent won’t ignor(just be careful of the planes.)

    Simply put look for stuff with crack shot it almost always helps.  If you know yo somehow rol a lot of ones add an ammo dump.  (this just helps your odds along).

    If you go with the recosted stats these optons ae still, in my opinion, goodthe King becomes viable but I usually stick with the vet anyway.

    As far as Allied units I just decimated an opponent with three 81 mm mortars (Improved indirect fire is the best).  Agains infantry they rule.

    Hope this helps

    Axis Fan

  • I kind of disagree with the crowd, because I think a new player with a small collection is likely going to play standard 100pt games, not marathon the 600 point games used a reference point.  For example, in a 100 pt game I don’t think the Nashorn can be called a “must-have”.

    From the point of view of a 100 pt game, would you guys give different advice?

    Also, I think it is valid to take into account the new cost on units.  A new player is more likely to get a Tiger I from the 1939-1945 set at a cost of 56 than one from Set 1 with a cost of 63.  And ina 100 pt game, those 7 pts just about make the unit usable.


  • Either way whether 100 - 600 pts.  Take the ideas and adapt them.  I went very quickly from a 100 point games to 250 -500 pts.  Eventually you will see the value in most pieces depending on the situation) I assumed when the intial question was asked it was just the game as a whole.  in  a 100 pt game many pieces would be unplayable.

    Infantry regardless of points :  Haup (commander) Snipes SS PG and Griz vet.  Also years was not mentioned but play a factor.

    Armor on 100.  My Hetzer suggestion may be useful.  The difficult thing about German armor is that to get anything powerful you have to pay.  I forgot to mention the Brumbar(killer anti infantry 22 pts)  also the Puma isn’t bad either (23pts) has a punch and strike and fade +1.

    I’ll stand by my suggestions with any games larger than 100.

    Axis Fan

  • For WAS it depends on whether you want a carrier fleet or a battleship fleet.

    I bought mostly singles and a starter and I think two boosters.

    I bought an Enterprise and two Devastators and two Dauntless and two Wildcats. I picked up 2 Atlantas.

    I bought an Akagi and similar aircraft as for US. Everything else is pretty much what I got out of the starter and two boosters I picked up.

    I have decent if not good 100 pt fleets for US and Japan and okay 200 point fleets. It is plenty for casual play with OOB rules.

    I suggest grabbing a Starter set and two boosters and then fill in your holes. WAS doesn’t really have an I win piece. Maybe the Iowa or Yamato but enough planes can handle 'em. And the Atlantas. You should certainly have an Atlanta which I think is a great utility ship. One in every US fleet.

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