• 2007 AAR League


    Well, if you saw that dreadful movie Alien Resurrection, you would know that Alliens are jsut fine underwater for extended periods of time…

    Is that the one with super-Ripley? If so, I did, and yes, I’m sorry I did. Although, the idea of a bunch of aliens shredding another alien to spray the acid that weakened their prison was rather imaginative. But that was it.

  • @U-505:

    Well they did leave it ambiguous for sequel purposes so you might get your chance.

    And if the predator impregnation at the end of the movie was a queen that could find a nice secure spot to start pumping out eggs then it does change the odds a bid.

    And who said the queen in the movie was dead because it was dragged underwater, anyway. The queen in “Aliens” survived in space hanging onto the outside of the jumpship while they went back to the base ship.

    Alien lifecycle has never been clearly described. I think that the all the alien implanted by the hand form should be at least able to become Queen or at least to make eggs. Otherwise infection can not spread.
    Alien popping out from the predator has genetic material of the predator, is part of his aggressiv estartegy to overcome infected life forms. He has mulecular acid in his veins and may pierce every kind of substance, so killing it in a spaceship is not the best idea.
    But the initial infection is the moment in which the alien are more vulnerable. In the first film the alien life was protected by the Science Officer Ash, that allow it to enter in the ship and protect the youngling, after is born from Kane chest.
    In that stage predator may have the upperhand easily.
    Indeed if they try to attack an alien hive… things are completely different.

  • @Imperious:

    When you say Predator, everyone knows what you are talking about,

    he could be talking about either MOVIE or the CREATURE in either movie (e.g. Predator or the movie Alien Vs. Predator).

    " in the movie Predator won" is not a complete sentence

    Additionally, your analogy is still incorrect not to mention the atrocious spelling of the movie.

    Are you new here? Welcome to the internet.
    My analogy was more or less a joke.
    But if you can’t tell what he’s talking about when the thread topic says it right there, then I have to wonder if you are just trolling.

  • I was thinking it was gonna be “Which makes a cooler movie?”  In that light, I chose Alien.

    However, which one would I choose to be?  Predator.

    Which one would I rather be killed by?  Alien - by a double-jaw punch in the face!

  • @balungaloaf:

    “dug in like an alabama tick”  8-)

    Dude, that is forgin’ awesome!  :lol:

  • @Imperious:

    yes by way of ,


  • The Predator is just plain bad ass, one of them almost took out Arnold. The Aliens are just stupid animals that get the shit kicked out of them over and over by one women.

  • Those dumb animals took out an entire squad of marines in one swell foop.

    They must be pretty darn tough to do that  😉

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    well i saw a preview for another version of this called Alien Vs. Predator- Requiem coming out December.

    and there making another version of Rambo with an old Stallone.

    Soon he’ll be in a wheelchair for Rocky 15. He must be running out of money and ideas for movies…

  • 2007 AAR League

    stallone is freaking awesome.  i heard about the new rambo….to be good, it should be like the 2nd rambo, with a body count in the hundreds.

    and if you read the alien books, the aliens are much more badass.  they are trained to be used as troops and can fire guns and everything.  and they can rip a man in half b/c they are strong like ants.

  • Famous Last Words…

    “These Colonial Marines are very tough hombres.  They are packing state-of-the-art firepower.  There is nothing they can’t handle.”

  • Colonial Marines Switch, not U.S. Marines. They are just wannabes, pure and simple.

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    They should make Rambo vs Predatoir vs. alleion, vs. the hulk vs mike ditka part 12

  • 2007 AAR League

    ditka would win by 3 touchdowns and a field goal.  Da bears.

  • @balungaloaf:

    ditka would win by 3 touchdowns and a field goal.  Da bears.

    Not this year, LOL.

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